Prayer Request; My engagement---the loss of my mother on Easter c2-head***

Prayer Request; My engagement---the loss of my mother on Easter

by Donna
(Abilene, TX)

I have been widowed for 6 years, my husband of 28 years was killed in a tragic accident while driving and drinking--no one else was hurt. My heart aches for him daily. A year later I lost my dad, and just this past Easter I lost my mom--Three of the most important people in my life.

I have isolated myself so much the last six years.

I did meet a Christian man a year ago and we have been engaged--but it is hard for me to let him in my life---we have not seen each other much lately with my mom's illness (she was living with me under hospice care)

About all I can do is go to my grandson's baseball games. I have not even been able to get out to church.

On top of all this I have several health problems, Fibromyalgia, chronic Fatigue, possible MS--and major depression most of my adult life -and much more---I think I had it for years mild form but after the death of my husband it all came out in full force.

My heart is struggling to know what to do about my engagement-I love him I do--I am just not sure I am ready to have someone in my life again---I think my biggest fear is loosing someone again.

I am 54--3 children and 4 grandchildren with one on the way---please pray for all of them. And they all love the man I am engaged to--he even joined my church his name is Larry

Thank you

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Praying for you...
by: Ameerah

Hi Donna,

I pray that God will begin restoring you and helping you to overcome that fear of being hurt by loss again. I pray that God's Spirit will wrap His arms around you and be your Comforter.

I also want to encourage you, you are still very young. Your life is not over. Don't allow Satan to convince you that your life is over.

If God is putting people in your life to replace those that have passed on, allow Him to send those people and receive them as gifts from Him.

I too have struggled with fibro and CFS, so I understand how they can try to steal your life away. But, a life of sickness and disease are not what Jesus died to give you. He died so that you could have life and have it more abundantly.

I want you to stop and look around your life - Is it life more abundantly?

If not, I would encourage you to pray and seek God and begin building up your relationship with Him. Take any anger or resentment towards Him that may be lurking in the back of your mind because of the losses and pains you have endured to Him. Tell Him about what you have been through, cry, let it all out at the foot of the cross. And ask God to heal your heart. He can do it if you are willing to humble yourself and come to Him exactly as you are now, and ask Him to heal those pains so that you can move on and enjoy the rest of the life that He has for you to live.

Your life is not hardly over. He has a whole new chapter waiting for you if you will reach out to Him and let Him heal your wounds.

If you have not already registered for the free Reaching for the Hem conference, I really want to encourage you to do so. There is one woman speaking at the conference, Biancia Tate, and she is an expert in healing after trauma. She has not only studied loss and trauma from both a psychological and biblical view, but has experienced God's power to restore our wounds first hand.

Here free seminar will be : Healing From Past Wounds - How Pain Can Draw Us Closer to God or Farther Away.

I really think that It will be a huge blessing to you. You can find out more about the conference here.

God Bless,
Ameerah Lewis
Are YOU Reaching for the Hem?

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