Prayer Request: My marriage c2-head***

Prayer Request: My marriage

by Natalie Carrizales
(San Antonio,TX)

My marriage is very broken. Pleas pray for restoration for me and my husband and for our marriage, for us to release the past, live in the present and look to the future.

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There is hope! NEW
by: Anonymous

“Dear Lord, please guide this special sister/brother during the trouble in her/his marriage. And her/his ears shall hear a word behind her/him saying, this is the way, walk here, when she/he turns to her/his right and when she/he turns to her/his left (see Isa. 30:21).

“Please reassure her/him when she/he sees a thousand fall on her/his right side and ten thousand at her/his left; help her/him to know that if she/he follows You, it will not happen to her/him (see Ps. 91:7). Hide her/him under your protective wings.

“Help her/him to find the narrow path that will lead her/his to life, the abundant life you have for her/him and for her/his family. Lord, I pray for a testimony that you can use for Your glory when this troubled or broken marriage is healed and restored! We will give You all the honor and the glory. Amen.”

Dire Straits
by: Anonymous

Please say a prayer for my husband, myself my family. Please give us strength and guidance to put the past behind us and live for this day. I attempted to pray with him tonight. Our 4 year anniv is tomorrow, he said he'd rather not. I was crushed but I am still faithful, hopeful.. Lord help me

Dire Straits
by: Anonymous

Please say a prayer for my husband, myself my family. Please give us strength and guidance to put the past behind us and live for this day. I attempted to pray with him tonight. Our 4 year anniv is tomorrow, he said he'd rather not. I was crushed but I am still faithful, hopeful.. Lord help me


I will pray for her marriage im going through the same thing my mariage is realy about over iv been maried for 2 years an me an my wife r fighting all the time my step son 20 years old an still leaves at home has a drinking problem an a pot problem still my medicine my wife lets him get away with it.

Your marriage God can restore
by: Anonymous

If you will take God at his word...he will restore your marriage...God can do anything!

pray for my marriage as I pray for yours
by: Anonymous

my wife of five years has found another man. She is going to move to another state and split up our children and family. please pray for the grips of satan to be released. i belive god brought her into my life and he will help to return her. i ask for the voices of many to help in returning the love of my wife back to me and my family.

prayer comment
by: Anonymous

Father sometimes you give us tests to see how much we will depend on you, and how much we can trust you completely. Father I ask that whatever this test may be that you will open a door of answer. Father restore everything that is broken right now in Jesus name. Father there is power in prayer.

pray for us please
by: Chay

for healing for my husband's bipolar disorder,
for a sure direction,
for the best gate to be opened for us,
doors be shut wherever God is not in favor of,
for unity in our marriage,
for a better life in marriage

by: brenda

My husband walk out of our 33 year marriage on March 18 2010. Please pray fo,r me pray that the Lord will restore our marriage if it is his will for us. I don't want a divorce, but have file because of my disability, He left me with no income
to take care of my self I pray that God will Show me where to begin. Please please help me Lord. I am so broken and depress. I love my husband and we need help.

by: Anonymous

woul you please for my marriage for restortion it all broken i,am perying for darrly to please come home i miss and love my husband please keep janice and darryl lifed up in prayer

Marriage restoration
by: Anonymous

Lord, in the name of Jesus it says in your word YOU HATE DIVORCE.. Im standing with my sister in prayer for reconciliation... Lord you can hear her cries, You said you will give her the desires of her heart according to your will... you also said lord that a man should leave his father and mother and be united to his wife so they become one flesh and one spirit let no man separate... Lord i ask in boldness to give her comfirmation to put her heart and mind in peace... I thank you lord that you will do a miracle in theirs lives... i thank you father there marriage is going to be strengthen lord.. thank you father for your love on my sister... in name of Jesus

by: Mechele

Father I just lift up this marriage to you. I don't know what it looks like now but, I do know that you are mighty to save. God I ask for Chetan to follow you with his whole heart I ask that this couple can rely on your strength and your strength alone knowing that you have their best interests at heart. Please give them strength and a faith that cannot be broken. You Lord will never go. You Lord reign supreme. God give my sister a passion and desire for your word and a inside knowledge of your presence. You love my sister and she was created in your image. She is beautiful and #1 to you. God show her the beauty that you have created inside her. Comfort her. God restore this marriage and restore the brokenness and heal the pain. Please bring these two close to your hearts first and then restore the relationship that they have let them seek your kingdom first and then all these things shall be added unto them. Thank you for your word and your hope and your loving kindness. Thank you for my sisters heart.

by: shashikala

i my self shashikala my second husband chetan. we love each other very much. we got marriage on 10th november 2009. i love him very much i cant live without him.please pray for us that no one can separate us. but from last 2 months my husband chetan is changing. he is not talking to me. please my husband should come back to me i cant live without him. i love him very much.we must live together. i love him so much. he also loves me but why he is doing this to me. please pray for our relation. that no one can separate both of us. We are getting financial problem.

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