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Prayer Request: standing for wife

by Ronnie Frank

ronnie and tina

ronnie and tina

My thoughts and prayers are always with all of you and with our prodigal spouses.

God has been moving mountains in my marriage. I know He has been changing my wife's heart, she has been calling me fairly frequently as of late, for longer periods of time, and with love in her voice again. Last night my wife called me and we talked for 30 minutes just because she saw a commercial that reminded her of me.

Never forget God can touch our spouses hearts and put an image of their families on their minds at anytime and anyway. Over a month and a half ago satan influenced my wife into telling me that she was ready for a divorce and said it would be the best thing for both of our lives, also that she shouldn't talk anymore unless it was of a business or serious nature.

Since then she has not mentioned the dreaded "D" word and calls me multiple times per week.

I put my trust in the Lord for my wife's salvation, our marriage, and our family. Our Lord went to battle for me and my wife Tina. I completely put this situation in the Lord's hands. I read His word, pray as much as I can, and follow the Lord's instructions for my life and my wife. I now have more strength and faith than I ever thought possible in God's will and ability to heal my marriage and bring my wife home.

My heart tells me that even on those days I don't see movement that it is indeed taking place. He is changing my heart and I know that He is changing my wife's also, I hear it in her voice, I feel it, and most importantly know it because Jesus has told me so.

All of us standers can take a deep breath and believe that our Lord is fighting the great battle for us on the other side of that huge mountain we face. I believe that Our prodigal spouses, parents, brothers and sisters are being touched daily by our Lord and are being positioned and poised to return home.

Always have faith in our Lord. Never Give up. Jesus won't give up on us or our spouses....why should we give up on him?

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Believing for Reconciliation NEW
by: Roger

Please stand with me. My wife Jackie left April of 2016 and after a week of nothing she told me where she went and slowly I convinced her to let me back into her life. Although 100 miles away, we dated 2 weekends a month. I worked on all the things she said she needed and since her job dreams fell apart things looked promising for her coming back. As the 1 year mark and her lease was about to expire she started to get cold feet and 2 weeks before May she started getting cold and mean. She cut me off completely at the start of May, no phone or FB. She says despite my efforts that she has no spark and that is apparently all that mattered. Even now she only is willing to talk if its about a settlement. Yesterday was our 16th anniversary. God will change things, but she says she's fulfilled in her affair. Our 6 kids are grown, but I miss her and my grandchildren that are cut off right now.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am praying everyday that my wife will wake up to her senses and stop the divorce she filed against me on October 6, 2011. I know in my heart and in my gut she is having an affair as all the signs and indicators are there.

My friends and I see it but my family is blind to it as my wife is an excellent actress but she can't fool me, my friends and of course Almighty God. I saw the signs over a eyar ago but ignored them because my "Christian" wife would never do a such an evil act.

I ask of all out there tp pray that this demonic affair my wife is involved in will come to an end and that God will restore her, me, my family and our marriage.

Min Terry
by: Greg

When we pray and hear an answer it may not be from God buy from satan. We need to be able to see if the answer lines up with the Word of God. Paul wrote as instructed by God : 1 Corinthians 7:14-16 that If any Christian woman is married to a man who is an unbeliever, and he is willing to live with her, she should not divorce her husband. 14 Actually, the unbelieving husband is made holy because of his wife, and an unbelieving wife is made holy because of her husband. Otherwise, their children would be unacceptable [to God], but now they are acceptable to him. 15 But if the unbelieving partners leave, let them go. Under these circumstances a Christian man or Christian woman is not bound [by a marriage vow]. God has called you to live in peace. 16 How do you as a wife know whether you will save your husband? How do you as a husband know whether you will save your wife?

Standing with you
by: Anonymous

I am committed to stand with you in prayer. I was divorced by my wife in October 2008 and I am standing on the promises of God for the complete healing and restoration of my marriage. I will be in prayer for you.

I will pray for you
by: Joe

My Brother Ronnie, I am in a similar situation but not with the same results. I have seen your posts on another prayer site and I am blown away by your faith and I pray that I can stand in faith with your confidence. And I pray that we will both rebuild our marriages and grow in faith.

I will pray for you
by: Joe

My Brother Ronnie, I am in a similar situation but not with the same results. I have seen your posts on another prayer site and I am blown away by your faith and I pray that I can stand in faith with your confidence. And I pray that we will both rebuild our marriages and grow in faith.

I'm standing as well
by: Min. Terry

Ronnie, God will bless you with the desires of your heart! I too am standing for my husband. It doesn't matter what I see in the natural, I beleive God and I know He hears me when I pray. My husband asked me to leave, so I did, but by the unctioning of the Holy Spirit though. "Get thou from amongst the wicked" was all I heard, constantly. I asked God, "Is this You Lord?! He confirmed it by providing a place in record time, the finances to sustain me via a new job making way more money, a vehicle to get me there and above ALL of that His peace. I knew it was the Lord. You see my husbands focus was on me, not the Lord. The enemy's influence was so strong in his life that he couldn't see who was behind all of the confusion, the fact is, God is not the author of confusion. Our obedience to do what the Lord instructs us to do makes all of the difference in ours and others lives.

I trust God! bottom line. He knows what's needed and what's best for both of us. My husband thinks that I don't want to be with him and that I hold resentment towards him, but I don't. I continue to tell him how much I love him and that my prayer and declaration is that we as well as our family and marriage are healed and whole mind, body and spirit in the name of Jesus!
That no weapon that the enemy may form shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against us shall be cut off for this is the inheritance of the saints! So no matter what! I stand on the word of God! So my brother in Christ continue to fight the good fight of faith!

When you've all you can do, STAND!

Love in Christ,
Min. Terry

May God Continue To Bless You
by: Ameerah

I just wanted to say, your encouragement, faith, and optimism are so touching and refreshing. The love that you have for your wife is so pure and it really touches my heart. I pray that God continues to draw her back to you and that He heals your family. I pray that He draws her back to Himself as well that she may know Him as you have grown to. I pray that you would be the light that will draw her to Him, and that your testimony will bless thousands.

May God Bless You and Keep You,

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