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My healing from stage 2 & 3 breast cancer came thru prayer, herbs/diet. I also have to exercise and drink purified water. Without those things, I wouldn't be here, or be here long. I really messed things up with toxic dentistry, toxic eating, cosmetics, and etc. I'm glad God loves me so much, He gave me a chance to do things right, and heal from this. He is so wonderful!

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Feelinglokethierisnohope! NEW
by: Kelly

Ihavebrreast lung cancer plus hypothyroid was on IBRANCE cancer drug took myself off of it made me tired. Plus hair loss fatigue caused by both IBRANCE and HYPOTHROID I am 52 Yrs old with young sons and about too become a grandma and have realized that I probably will die within a year please help want too live but am end of my rope!

the healing journey
by: Patricia

last November I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in my lungs. I sought God's gu idance through prayer and meditation. I have been obedient to the answers He has given me. Changing my thinking, seeking to understand my deepest fears, beliefs, anxieties has been a big part of my journey. My last scan (in May) showed qite a bit of healing & no fluid has come back in my lungs. We have an awesome God & we should never underestimate what He can do for us if we just trust in Him. Have a scan coming up in November, don't know what the results will be but I do know that I feel awesomely well, have never been happier, more contented in my life. I have a healthy diet, exercisse, meditation all as part of my lifestyle. Wishing you the richest of God's blessings on your journey. cacoon

Thank you!
by: Marilyn Brent

Thanks for your reply! With losing about 70 lbs. and walking daily, most days, I feel SO much better. Cancer natural treatment treated a whole person! Isn't God amazing? I had a well of grief inside that made me sound evil and unloving, because when I was exhausted or frustrated, the hopelessness and horribleness of past abuse would spill over and join the present, God has me up and skipping around and those times don't happen like they used to. Essiac tea helps keep me up, it's a cancer-fighter and has healed thousands.
It helps depression, too, and costs about $30-40/month, only. I'm not selling it, no, lol.
I still have hard, hard things to deal with ,daily, but God is my strength. For me, abuse never ends, it will continue from the outside in, but hey, GRACE never ends and will last for eternity. God's love is MIGHTY and over whelming and lifts me to the, take that, abuse!
What do you have but a little grief? I have joy, forever!!! Keep looking up to Jesus, my grandma always said. I will, and you too, okay?
Blessings and prayers, Marilyn
my site, tells my story...nothing sold there, either, smile!

by: Brendadette Henry


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