Proberbs 31 Bible Questions c2-head***

Proberbs 31 Bible Questions

by Mary Shurtleff
(Joplin, Mo.)

1. Does understanding the true meaning of "chayil" change the way that you see God's plan for you as a woman?
Yes! I didn't know that was God's idea of a strong woman.

2. Do you ever fall into the trap of striving for the world's idea of a Strong Woman? Why or why not? If so, how can you safeguard yourself from doing this?
Yes, I always fall into the world's idea of a strong woman; because there are so many things going on today that the world defines you as strong; that you sometimes get so caught up in trying to compare and please the world that you don't look to the bible for your answers. I can safeguard myself from this by reading and devoting myself to the Lord daily.

3. Do you feel that the example God gives you in Proverb 31 is attainable? Why or why not?
I feel the example God gives us in Proverbs 31 is attainable in a sense that you strive for it all your life.

4. What are a few ways that you personally could make more time to be like Mary and sit at Jesus' feet?
I can devote in the mornings. Set goals and really spend time real meditation time with God.

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