Salvation of my family c2-head***

Salvation of my family

by Apoorv Sanjar
(Lucknow, India)


My name is Apoorv Sanjar from Lucknow, India.

I came to know about Jesus in September 2005 through my girl friend. We both started going to church in Feb 2006. But in December 2006 peoples accused me, saying that I am in Christ just for my girl friend. So, I left that church. Since then, I am waiting for a new peoples and church but I am not getting it.

Also I want the salvation of my family and I want to go to a new church with my parents but they are against it.

So please pray for my family that they are blessed and know about Jesus and that they give there life to Jesus!!!!

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God Bless You. Read every day and pray all the time!
by: Anonymous

Apoorv, God Bless You, read your Bible each and every day. Pray as often and you can. Pray that your parents will listen to the direction that Jehovah God places upon their hearts. Pray that they to will be filled with the Holy Sprit. Pray that the can accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Father God I am asking in the Holy name of Jesus Christ that you Bless this child of yours. Keep his eyes fixed upon you along with his girlfriend. Jehovah God I ask that you shine your face upon him and his family and you allow each of them to do all that you have created them to do. Not only fill them with the Holy Sprit but the Holy Ghost as well. May they forever do all things that will be pleasing in your sight father. I thank you for this young mans testimony it please me father when your kingdom is being built up. We are all created to serve you in all that we do and we are to give you our first fruits 10%. We are to lean not on our own understanding but you. I lift this family to you Lord. I trust they will forever serve you and seek to save the lost. I thank you for all that you have done for each of us father by given us Jesus Christ, not only has he forgiven us of all our sin, and allowed us to have a everlasting life. By his strips we are healed. Each person that believes receives all that you give to your son God we praise you and thank you for each all that you do. Thank you Jesus Christ for loving us all so very much. And for saving us all it?s in Jesus Christ Holy name I pray all things Amen May God forever shine his face upon you and your family. God Bless You. Kay

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