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Saved From a Brain Aneurysm: Wonise's Testimony

by Wonise
(Fort Washington, MD, USA)

I would like to share with you how GOD saved me from a Brain Aneurysm back in June 2003! I was on my way to work around 5:30 am, on the metro when my friend called me. I told him that my head was hurting. Then, all of sudden, I cried out and hit the floor. They said that I was in the hospital for six (6) weeks. They also said that I was a hand full towards the doctors.

But, all that I have to say is my neurosurgeon said to me that the aneurysm was gone and that I was cured from it. He looked at me very funny, wondering how that could be.

It was GOD!!!

GOD saved me and I'm still here. Thank you JESUS!!!

So, I am giving all the glory to GOD for His miraculous miracle!!!

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The Surgeon NEW
by: Patrick Frye III

I had three brain aneurysms in December 1993, in fact 19 years ago today the 23rd.
I am a practicing Buddhist because of my survival I moved to this bigger path of faith.
You need to give more credit to the doctors and surgeons than you do as without them: you would be quite dead.
It is sad how so many invert reality to an imaginary thing like the Xtian "god" and pass right over the doctors who save and continue to with their knowledge & precision of modern medicine.
BE REAL: and STOP the gobble-de-gook of calling it "god's work."
You have deluded yourself and others will risk the same if this superstition is continued.
Peace be with you--and become more AWAKE.

Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing. I was diagnosed with a small brain tumor and am looking to the Great Physician, Our LORD and Saviour to take me through this. I know He'll make it all a blessing.
Praise God for your healing, and those who witnessed His Healing Glory!!!!

what a testimony GOD has given you!
by: annie

i am so thankful that GOD not only saved you but allowed your trail to be a strong witness to the dr. and others who know how truly serious aneurysms are! i have one in my heart and the drs are just watching it! this is a concern for me as my mother died of a heart aneurysm and we beleive my maternal grandfather died of one in the brain! i was told by the heart dr if i was younger they would go in and clamp it off! i was 65 at the time and am now 67. as i have told many people my dad is now 92, i had aunts who lived ino the 100 area and many of us live to late 80s so in my family i am middle aged!
GOD will take care of this as i can only do so much and HE is the GREAT PHYSICIAN!!
thank you for this encouraging testimony!

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