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Should I Remain Married?

Hello, I am a devout Christian who's found herself in quite the marital predicament... any and all advice on this problem of mine would be greatly appreciated!

First off, I'd like to say that I am very, very happy. Everything about my life feels wonderful and right---so much so that I'm finding myself in tears every other day in light of all God's glory that surrounds me. Never before have I felt so close to Him.

That said, I am happy with my husband, whom I've been married to for about a year now. We get along perfectly. We both enjoy the same hobbies, feel similarly on important social and political issues, function in identical manners, and even share the same IQ score. We haven't had a single argument or dispute of any sort since we've married. As my mother would put it, we're "a match made in heaven"...

Queue the problem: My husband doesn't plan on going to heaven. As it turns out, he is a druid. He believes in Jesus, yes, and very seriously says that anyone who doesn't is dishonoring the greatest man who's ever walked the earth. He believes in God, yes, and knows that He affects all our lives. He reads the bible, yes, and in fact we're reading the new testament together right now to our infant son. He very much admires and respects Christianity. Aside from not worshiping God alone (he also worships Brigid), our beliefs are so similar that the only way to tell us apart is by asking. But, at the end of the day, he is still a pagan.

The reason why this has become such a big issue for me all of a sudden is that some of the local pastors in my area have discovered my husband's identity. I've been overwhelmed with instructions to divorce my husband and abandon my son by literally dozens of people. I've been reminded countless times that I can't be anywhere near non-Christians or interact with them in any way, especially not through love. I've had to cease going to church in my town out of fear that my husband will be harmed if I do. Two people have made it known to me that they would KILL my husband if given the chance. A woman has already came up to him and prayed that Jesus banish him to hell as if he were a demon, an act that both broke my husband's heart and made him fear for his safety.

So, this is where the advice is needed: Are these people right? Should I leave my son and husband because he is pagan? Or should I stay with him? What should I tell the people threatening to end his life?

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