Sick? Aren't Your Angry with God? c2-head***

Sick? Aren't Your Angry with God?

by Bessie

I am 69, Mum of three, grandma to 11 and great grandma to 10, but nearly 11. I have had cancer five times. In my neck, breast, face, bowel and ovary. I have experienced Radio therapy, chemotherapy, and operations.

People have asked aren't you angry with God. The answer is no, I'm not angry with God, He has brought me through it all, I am well and look after myself. I do my best and God does the rest.

Through it all I have learnt so much. Mostly about myself and then other people. It is a journey of learning. And just allowing Him who is able to carry me instead of me striving to be Mrs. Fixit.

Is there anyone out there who I could relate to? I am still on chemo for the ovarian cancer. I even forgot I had one.

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Your are an Inspiration
by: DaTrainer

I pursued a link to discover how to deal with my stress, and suddenly realized after reading your story - my stress is so frivolous! You are an inspiration to me. You are going through some hard stuff but your love of God and Family has caused me to review what is important to me. God Bless you for your courage and testimony.

Thank you so much for sharing!
by: Ameerah


Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us. What you shared has really touched my heart.

You said, "I do my best, and God does the rest." That is something that I have really been trying to practice in my own life. Being a good steward of my body and trusting in God's provision and His timing.

Thank you so much for reminding us that we are all on a journey and we can learn much from our travels.

God Bless!

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