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Submitting to God

by Andrea Stinson
(Kannapolis , N.C USA)

Why is submitting to God so hard?

My name is Andrea. I am a 29 year old female and a single mother of three boys. I attended Latter Rain Discipling Center in Kannapolis N.C. I love God with all my heart and it took a long time to understand God was who I thirst for.

What I would like to discuss...
Why is submitting to God's will so hard for us, but submit to man's so easy?

As women we are givers. We are people pleasers. Day after day we put on a performance wanting other to accept us at work and even in the church. But when it comes to God, we fight so hard not to do what He asks us to do.

We understand from living on this earth that people hurt us daily, but we're prone to go back into a harmful situation knowing that it will fail and we will be broken hearted.

Why can't we accept the concept that when God ushers us through a situation, that it will work out for our good. Even when it hurts, God offers us comfort that the world can't. He loves us regardless of if we walk away. He protects us when walk into harmful situations. When the storms of life is to much, He comforts us.

God is all we need. If we just learn to submit to God's will, all anxieties will melt away. Joy will be restored no matter how bad things are.

I admire the women of old. They stood through all types of adversity because their faith was strong in God. Our faith has to be renewed and our hearts need to be open to the will of God because the times are getting thick.

The harvest is about to be great. We're going to have to prepare ourselves as women to stand and labor just like our sister Ruth. She was obedient, and she birthed a whole new era. How? By submitting to God!

So Sister, it's time to look past ourselves, and join the fight for lost souls.

That is our purpose!

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