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Taking God's Word From Your Head to Your Heart

How do you get God's word from your head to your heart?

I am frozen with worries about my place in this journey God has me on. What is my mission now that my kids are grown? I do not know many people and don't feel quite adequate enough to meet any. So how can I move on?

I feel the pressure of having to do something to serve God and the guilt I feel from not doing so. Now I know scripture and I have been Born Again for many many years. I also know that where I am in this confused state is from Satan because God is Order. But how do I get what the Word tells me intellectually to live in my heart? I know I am under attack and I realize that I am in a compromising position.

So, have any of you been through this or are going through this problem?

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Satan Reuses the Same Tricks
by: Ameerah

I am an avid believer that Satan just has one bag of tricks. He mixes them up and tries to dress them up to create allusion of variety, but he's been doing the same things since the fall of man.

So, to answer your question- I think we have all been where you are at some point in our lives.

I think the most effective way to move the scriptures from your head to your heart is through developing a stronger relationship with God. When we have been Christians for a long time, we can begin to be more involved in the religion of Christianity than a relationship with God. We have a lot of head knowledge, but the security and peace that comes from developing an intimate relationship with our loving Father in heaven leaves us prone to the devils attacks.

Since we are full of all of the "rules and regulations" of religion, Satan plagues us with feelings of shame and unworthiness because no matter what we do, we feel like we are falling short. But, since we are lacking in the area of an intimate spiritual relationship, we do not have God's Holy Spirit there whispering the truth to us in the other ear. The truth is that He does not expect us to be perfect (if He did He wouldn't have sent Jesus). The truth is that your worth is not wrapped up in what you do, but in who you are in Christ. And, you are His child that He loved enough to die for even in your imperfection.

For me, when I am working on taking things from God's Word and storing them in my heart, I seek Him out in prayer. Hiding God's Word in your heart is not something that you have to do on your own. He will help you to do it if you ask Him.

I also try to set aside time to meditate on the specific scriptures I want to really hold on to. I pray over them and ask God to reveal their truth to me in a fresh new way. I carry them with me and read them aloud to myself several times a day. I try to think of times in my life when God has been true to His Word, and rehearse those victories in Him over and over in my mind so that I can remember who He has been to me in the past.

But, these are just things that have worked for me. I can not guarantee that they will work for you, but I really beleive in my heart that they will if you try them.

Also, if you feel like you are under a spiritual attack, I would recommend checking out this free printable Bible study journal on the Armor of God.

Hope that helps. I would definitely be interested to see if other people have similar experiences to yours or any tips they would like to offer up!

God bless!

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