Tell on him? c2-head***

Tell on him?

I planned on being married forever, and 7 months later my new husband abandoned me and my child. He was transfered out of state 10 days after we were married, and now I'm thousands of miles away from 'home' and trying to navigate my way back.

He is in the military, and has committed adultery. Adultery is illigal in the military. Furthermore, these women were under his authority and instruction. He is an instructor, they were his students.

it took a lot of bible-searching, and sould searching not to turn-him-in. I knew my agenda was for revenge when I was tempted. He could face jail-time, and be demoted and dishonorably discharged. He's a 4X War veteran, and over a decade in the military. It would also thwart his post-military career goals (also positions of authority). Deut. 32:35 the Lord says vengence is his, that my soon-to-be-ex will slip up quickly, and will get caught, and will be punished. That was all I needed... at first.

Then I became concerned for his students. These women entered into my house, walked past wedding pictures, and committed adultery in my home while I was at work. Maybe he promised them advancement in their career. Maybe they have weak self-esteem issues - I don't know. I don't know if he's the predator, or the one taking the bait. They are all legal-age from
an emotional standpoint... but it's safe to say I didn't know who I was marrying. He blind-sided everyone, even his own family. They have even asked "Who IS this man?" I don't know what he's capable of.

He has never laid a finger on me, but became an emotional bully in our marriage, and even worse since he left. I'm afraid if I tell; he will retaliate. I asked my pastor about whether I should tell; and even if I do it annonymously - he'll know I was behind it. I have a child to look after, and she is my world.

I asked my pastor about it, and he said my safety, and the safety and ability to provide for my daughter are #1. Since I would be ruining his entire world; he would have nothing to lose - and those people are the most dangerous. So he said I should just focus on my safety.

I felt okay about it, but I can't seem to be relieved of the concern that he's taking advantage of women. Whether they are the ones going after him, or he's going after them - either way they are in a desperate situation and he's rising to the occasion. Do I stand-by and YEARS later look like Sandusky's wife who could have saved her husbands victims - or do I wait for God?

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my sister Jo
by: Anonymous

I read your article and you reminded me of my sister Jo. My sister married her high school boyfriend after he came out of the military, but Jo did not see the difference in Pete until he left her with three children to raise and no help from him. Pete began running around with women who love to drink and married one of them. Jo wanted revenge and did it by getting him fired from his job and other things I don't care to mention. I did not know what was going on until our mother called me and that is when it all happened. Jo and Pete were not Christians, so the family arranged Jo to visit me and my family to just rest and clear her head. Well Jo got saved and realized she should of never got revenge as it just made things worse. She began her life in Christ and just worked and raised her boys and lived a quiet and normal life. Mean while Pete divorced his wife and wanted Jo back but Jo instead brought him to church and in a few months Pete got saved. No Jo never married Pete again, but they were good friends until God took Pete home. No Jo has never married and lives near me and is now 84 years old and still walking with God. Walking with the Lord will give you peace because you realize you can trust Him.

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