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Testimony: A God Who Hears

by Elvin
(Des Moines ,Iowa)

I was 35 when I really reached out to God.

I went to church when I was a kid. I lived across the street,so it was handy. But, I only went to meet other kids and go to their activities. But,I think God got a bigger hold on my life than I realized.

No one in my life was a Christian and I would have been made fun of if I took it seriously.

I spent my life trying to run away from the painful things that had happened to me in my childhood: divorce, abuse, alcohol, drugs, and a warped view of life in general.

My parents divorced when I was in 1st grade. I was the oldest of 5. The state took us from my mother and placed the 3 oldest in a children's home, and the 2 youngest in a foster family, because they were only babies. After about a year,the other two were sent to one foster family and me to another. After another year or two my father got custody of the 3 oldest and put the two younger ones up for adoption.

My new family life was one of pain and rejection. I was told how worthless I was, and how I couldn't do anything right daily. And usually got a beating for something. The rest of my years at home would be this way.

So this is what life is, huh?

I would spend every day trying to find some kind of happiness,no matter how I had to do it. I moved around and traveled when I got old enough, and found that a new location was fresh and exciting. That would last for awhile, but when ever something happened that would open old wounds or expose one of my insecurities, I would move again.

I spent years running from my life.

I drank to forget, and that became a habit.

I don't remember what started it but I started reading the Bible at home. I wouldn't go to church because I wasn't one of those "weirdos"!

I was just sitting home alone one night. I had watched a movie that started me thinking about God and angels and how He made some people's lives better.

I went to bed and when I laid there in the dark, my life started to run through my mind. All of my secret fears, weaknesses, loneliness, ugly thoughts and habits.

I broke down and sobbed on my bed and I spoke out loud, "God my life is going down the toilet and no matter what I do,nothing works. If I died tomorrow no one would ever know I was here! I am afraid of everything going wrong, and can't stay anywhere without my issues popping up and having to move on. I know you are doing things in other people's lives. Why won't you do something in mine?"

As I laid there sobbing uncontrollably, I suddenly felt something at the top of my head. I can't explain it, but this feeling, like a tingling, started to move slowly down towards my feet. I didn't move! It's like it was washing through my whole body!

All I can say is that when it was done, I rolled off the bed onto my knees. A place I hadn't been in many years.

Now what do I do? He is real!

That moment changed my life forever!

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Testimony: A God Who Hears
by: Pat

Hi Elvin
What and awesome Testimony for sure and how we do thank & praise God for hearing our prayers and as you continue to grow in Christ he will continue to really blow your mind with his love,mercy and grace.Stay in God's word daily.

Love in Christ Pat Thacker 1-24-09

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