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Testimony: From Hindu to Christian

by Madhu
(New Bombay, Maharashtra, India)

My dad (a Hindu) does idol worship. He prays in front of non living and tangible idols like Ganpati, Laxmi, Sai baba etc.

Hindus pour milk, rice and water on these stones or wood made dead idols. And that is what I saw my entire family doing.

My dad expected me to do the same as well.

But wasting milk, rice and water on dead idols made no sense to me.

Instead of pouring milk, rice and water on non living objects, I'd rather give it to someone who is hungry and needs milk, water and rice.

That's when I told my family that I am not going to do any idol worship.

Also, even after praying to these dead idols my dad's character and attitude towards my mother, my elder brother and me was and is bad. My dad is short tempered, uses foul language towards us and curses us.

That's another reason I wanted to back out from idol worship because these non living idols are not able to change our character for good towards people around us.

That's when by God Almighty's grace, I met many Christians in my life who showed me the way to our living LORD Jesus Christ.

I love a faithful Christian way of living because it corrects our character and attitude in the sight of our Heavenly Father. There is no tangible idol involved in Christianity because our GOD Almighty is not seen with our eyes but HE is within each believer of LORD Jesus Christ.

I realized that I have fallen short of GOD'S way of living. So I realized that I am a sinner.

I repented of all my sins and got myself baptized.

Even after living as a Christian my life is full of humiliations, sufferings, injustice and mild persecutions. But my focus and faith is on Jesus Christ alone.

It says in the Bible, 1 Peter 4: 19- So if you (repentant sinners) are suffering according to God's will, keep on doing what is right, and trust yourself to the God who made you, for he will never fail you.

Remember, my spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ,

Jesus Christ is the True Bread from Heaven

Jesus Christ is always faithful

Jesus Christ is victorious over demons and all human beings

Jesus Christ is the Most High Priest (Hebrews 3:1)

Jesus Christ is the Head of a Christian church

Forgive every human being

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Congrats!! NEW
by: Mystery hehe

I read your testimony and it was very awesome! Bless the Lord who can do anything to change the lives of many. Hope your journey to a new life is wonderful =)

Congrats!! NEW
by: Mystery hehe

I read your testimony and it was very awesome! Bless the Lord who can do anything to change the lives of many. Hope your journey to a new life is wonderful =)

Congrats!! NEW
by: Amanda =)

I read your testimony and it was very awesome! Bless the Lord who can do anything to change the lives of many. Hope your journey to a new life is wonderful =)

by: Anonymous

Glory be to Jesus!

I loved your testimony dear.

But you need to hang on till the end as the word of God says in Mark 13-13, that only those who endure till the end will be saved.

So dear we all have to go a very long way.

but the good news is Jesus Christ is always there besides us to keep us going so

Cheers!!! and be glad

God loves you mightly girl.

i love you too in the love of Jesus

Just be in prayer
by: Rama

Hey Madhu! I can understand you very well what you might be going through because I am experiencing the same. Just be in prayer n have faith in Lord Jesus Christ, for it is his word that if you believe in him, you n your family shall be saved and let me tell you that heaven n Earth will pass away but his words by no means shall pass away. so have faith n give Glory to his name.....Halleluya.

Holding to what God has done in your life!


Only a person thats repented of their sins and ask the one that gave His life for them (Jesus Christ)to save their soul have the knowledge of Him. This Truth of Him does not come by our intellect. This truth comes only by His Holy Spirit that invades your soul at the time of our belief in Him. So its unfair to judge those that are not able to understand your new faith. We do not have to understand everything God has done in us.......He is capable to keep and protect and provide for His own children. Stay faithful to Him in prayer and you will see what I mean. I am not speaking from something I have read somewhere but from my own presonal journey with the Son of God..........Jesus Christ

by: Anonymous


Congratulations for being a part of Christian..
Just have faith and keep growing on Him and you will definitely see the fruit from him. Nothing comes easily... Have a blessed life walking with him because i am having one right now... God Bless You

Testimony:From Hindu to Christian
by: Pat

Hello Madhu
I loved your Testimony very much and thank God for your Christian friends who hung in there with you.We will all continue praying for your other unsaved family members.

Love in Christ Pat Thacker 1-24-09

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