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Testimony: God Reveals Himself to Me!

by Darlene
(Charlotte, NC)

Hello, my name is Darlene and I HAVE to share my testimony today. Lately I had been so down because I lost my job last month and since then my bills are all piling up and day by day. I became so sad and so afraid as to what to do next. I cried all the time. Prayed all the time but the bills were still there and I was facing eviction from my house. SO...yesterday I was laying in bed all sad and depressed watching the 700 Club on TV just for some positive inspiration. I was at my lowest. The man on TV said...pray with me...ask God to reveal Himself to you and I touched the TV screen...humble on my knees and asked..."God, please reveal yourself to me..I know that You are real but I need a sign...please come God" and I did not have those words out of my mouth when I heard a knock at my door! I wiped my tears..got up from my knees and went to answer the door expecting yet another bill collector notice. I looked out first and there was the Fed Ex truck outside. My heart stopped because I said oh no...now I have to sign for something that says I got this late notice. I wiped my face and "in faith" I opened the door. The driver handed me the package and I came back inside to open it. I looked at it and noticed it from my friend that I had not seen in a while but she knew I was not working. I opened the envelope and inside was another envelope that contained (5) one hundred dollar bills ($500). I screamed! I fell on my knees..thank you Jesus...thank you...I jumped all over the place! God had revealed Himself to me! The day before after reading the Book of Job I felt better but I had gotten bad news about my unemployment and I felt like the devil was trying to say: where is your God now? Well, I know where my God is ...right here where He's always been...He never left me! I just had to ask Him to come in and He did! He worked a miracle for me! I have been telling every body about what he had done and now I have to give my life to Him. I humble myself before you Lord and I thank you for all your blessings and grace. I love you God and I am ready to do your will. I say to others...when all seems lost...don't despair, God is always there..He can't come unless we let him!

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He is God NEW
by: Anonymous

His name is Jehovah Yahweh,all the glory to God,He still going to do more for you,trust in him,believe that He is able.God bless u more n more. I'm praying that you may get a job.Amen.

He is great
by: Anonymous

There's no words to explain the power that God has in all things. He is all mighty, alpha & omega. Nothing can proper without his involvement. As hard as it is for us humans, we need to be patient and wait on him, for his timing is always right. He always has sweet surprises for us. I love him so much.

Gods is worthy to be praise!
by: Anonymous

Praise God! I'm truly happy to here how someone else is being bless by God. I'm to standing in the blessing line. Pray with me that our God will help me to get from under debt! the word says you will be a slave to the loner, and right now its like they say you rob peter to pay paul and seems as tho no matter how you try things get hard at times! I believe in God! yes he is my savior with out him i don't no were i would be and i know hes keeping me right now, you see i know these things but i know my trust and faith in him need to be stronger,cause i waite on him to fix it ,but then i try to fix it my self and messes up everytime! so pray with me and for me that my Faith and Trust in God get stronger, and let go and let God! amen! Marilyn

by: Brendadette Henry


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