Testimony: I am more than a Conqueror!!!!! c2-head***

Testimony: I am more than a Conqueror!!!!!

by Ms. Redding
(Albany, GA)

On July 8,2008 my mom told me that the night before she had a dream about my ex-boyfriend. She said that he shot her and turned and shot me. At this point I am thinking what is really going on?

The day began with my 6 year old daughter asking can she call her nanny on her father's side. My daughter doesn't get to talk to her father and his mother because they have this evil spirit about them and being that I speak great annointing on my daughter I try to be mindful of who she is around.

At this time of my life I am trying to make the right choices and correct what needs to be corrected. So I let her call them, knowing that they really don't care for us too much. She called and she asked her nanny can she spend the day with her and she said yes. I told her to have her back at 7pm. She came and picked her up so that gave me time to do somethings by myself to get more work done and just have the day to myself.

I called my cousin and she picked me up. We went to the library and I was telling her something bad is going to happened because I had this feeling in my heart. My heart would just race, go back to normal, and it'd skip a beat. Before 7, I called and told my daughter's grandma that I was at the library and did she want me to come pick her up or if she wanted to go ahead and bring her that would be fine. She told me that my baby wanted to play in the water so she would call me when she was ready. I waited about an hour and no one called. So we went to the mall and walked around just enjoying the day. Keep in mind that I have this funny feeling that would just come and go...

About 8:57p.m. we receive a call and some how I missed the call. I called back and it was my baby she told me she was ready to come home. I let her know that I was on my way to get her and to get ready cause I would be there in 5 minutes.

There has been a war between my child's father and I because I wanted to leave him alone 5 years ago and I did go down that same road with him. He still wanted to be with me and every other girl. So I had to be the strong one and say "I am not going to let you hurt me anymore and I left him alone for good." That was something I thought I could never do. He was my first love..But through the blood of Jesus I binded all of that unequally yoke and I was free. It was not easy but God stepped in and held me close.

I pulled up at their house and I told my cousin to blow the horn because I never gets out at their house because I try to be the peace maker and I really don't feel safe in there. They didn't let my daughter come out so I called the phone and my child's father answered the phone. His statement was "If you want her come in and get her." I thought he was playing so I said stop playing. He hung up in my face. I called back and he said "You still calling" and hung up in my face. I called back and told him that I am fixing to go and he said by. In my mind I'm thinking this boy is still playing. So I told my cousin to blow the horn. She did. But still no answer.

I got out of the car and rung the door bell and they still didn't come. I rung it consistently and that's when my daughter and his mom came to the door. She said "Joi you know you could've got out" I told her that I don't have to get out because I know they really don't like me.

The father of my child was talking in the back ground and he was all heated for what reason I really don't know. Then he was like "you better stop disrespecting my mother" and he punched me in the face and that's when I passed out. His mother and him jumped on me like I was somebody they never knew. My daughter witnessed the whole thing.

My heart filled up with so much anger and I was so angry inside. I didn't know what to do. I was so defenseless and wanted justice to be served. They were saying a lot of hurtful things and I was too. Hey, I'm human. I realized when she held me so he can beat me. It's not flesh against flesh it is bad spirits against good spirits.

I am not glorifying the devil But I am letting him know that I DON'T BELONG TO YOU. The devil had a trap set.

I was locked up along with them because the police stated that they didn't know who was the primary aggressor. You know at the time I was thinking "Lord why is this happening to me" and then the story of Job popped into my head. You know when the devil went to God and said that Job is only praising you because you have blessed him with all these riches and God knew that Job was a faithful servant. The 'accuser' then comes on to the scene and insists that Job is only righteous 'because he is rich.' Takeaway his riches and he would curse God. God agrees to allow the accuser to strike out at Job. Job still praised God, not cursed him but praised him. And that is what I am going through right now.

If I still remain close to God's teaching than He will bless me 10 folds. I rebuke the devil, I rebuke him in the name of Jesus....With all that said he is going to scatter...Have faith and always praise the Lord...

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