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Testmony: Teenage Pregnancy

by Ms. Redding
(Albany, GA)

I am a living testimony!

When I was 14 I got pregnant...I was thinking how can this happen to me, I mean everyone was doing it but didn't get caught. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed until I came to the conclusion that I wanted to have an abortion!!!!!!

ABORTION- that is murder that is a sin that is just wrong(these were all the thoughts that were going through my head)I just wanted my life to go back to normal....See I was hard headed. I have this connection with God, He tells me when something is not right for me but once again I let the flesh take over.

I was so afraid to tell my momma until I was praying for the wrong thing. I asked God to get rid of that baby..Now at this point you know that is an insult to God's work. God chose me to carry this child and I was being very ungrateful. God's Grace and His mercy had carried me a long way because instead of a baby I could have contracted AIDS or any STD but He didn't, He blessed me with a child. I had my baby 6 months after I turned 15 and boy I was in for it..How was I going to finish school, how was I going to provide for this child???

But see God stepped in and did all the things I thought I was not able to do..He is good , He really is..See humans are afraid of what they don't understand and it says in the Bible to not lean unto your own understandings.

I graduated on time not to mention all the drama that came from my fellow class mates and the father of my child.

I am 21 years old and I feel like my world is spiraling out of control..I am at a place where God wants me to accept Him and I have to make the right choices. Being chosen to do God's work comes with great responsibilities and you have to stay focused..

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Encouragement from another teen mum
by: Anonymous

Hey there, I want to encourage you so badly that I'm gonna tell you a bit of my story quickly! I had my daughter at 16 and for the most of it have had to do it completely alone. I didn't get much help so I had to rely pretty much completely on God. It took me a while to let go of my wants though and in fact for the first five years I basically ignored God. I put all my energy into my daughter and I even started to forget about myself, my interests and my dreams. But things weren't getting any better and finally I had nothing to lose, so I made some pretty big life changing decisions. I turned back to God. I walked away from anyone who wasn't positively influencing my life. I realised I needed to build a future not just for my daughter but also for myself. I enrolled in teacher's college, and I started going back to church. I'm now 30 and have been teaching for four years. Its still hard work being a mum alone but now I feel like my future is for me as well as my daughter. It's still tough sometimes but God has provided for us. Now I'm relying on Him to get me through the teenage years of my daughter, and believe me they do creep up on you quickly!
I'm not a 'religious' christian and I don't usually share my story 'cause I'd hate for it to come across gushy and religious, so I've tried to make it pretty factual, black and white. I do believe I have a strong connection with God, that He is graceful beyond measure and that if He stops challenging you there's something wrong! Better to have challenges than complacency, each lesson learnt is hard to face at the time but followed by joy at the realisation that He hasn't given up on you and will never stop teaching you or loving you. After all He is preparing you for HIm and He is worthy of the best you can be.

Saying Yes to God
by: Dian Ramsey

Granted, you are very young. I can assure you with everything in my being that choosing God is always the right choice. You kept your child. That shows that you do have the faith to stand for your beliefs. God will keep guiding you through many, many more tests and trials in your life. These tests and trials are not there to beat you down, but to mold you into the beautiful servant that God knows and wants you to be. Keep your eyes on God and go through all the open doors He gives you to walk through. I promise it will be an amazing journey and when it is all said and done and you stand before Him in heaven, you will hear Him say, "Well done thy good and faithful servant. Enter into the kingdom of heaven." That will make it all worthwhile.

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