the culture question c2-head***

the culture question

by Kirk C,

what do you think about a nice christain white man getting together with a black christian woman,
all I see back here is ones looking down thier nose at other cause your not this way or that way,
I see nothing wrong with gettingn together with a black sister if God will it and God dont look at color he ;looks at your heart not skin color, thats left over from the junk in the last 200 yrs of this dumb racial junk and im tired of it and im tired of the so called thinking if a black woman is with a white man or vice versa,
If thier happy thaen Praise God, i see alot of insecurity in caucasian woman around here and I never go to date a black girl but ive aleays liked them,
so ameera please get back to me on this ok,
Kirk c,

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It does not matter if the white Christian man is with black women. I consider all is good.

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Love conquers all! NEW
by: Anonymous

i am so sorry that you have been hurt by racial issues say are truly blessed because God loves you and He is working in you.I am an African American Christian lady, and I used to date out of my race, but I was treated so bad in America, because of the quote you are with a black girl oh no no no kind of thinking. what can a person do if they are attracted to the opposite race, and everybody puts them down. And laughs at them. Because they are in love with the opposite?

I wish I knew you cuz I think we would really be good friends. I am new to the site and I love it already.

God bless and remember always pray!!!!!!

We're all God's children
by: Ameerah

Hi Kirk,

I truly believe that it is a beautiful thing to see an two people who truly have the love of God in their hearts towards one another - regardless of their race.

I believe that God does ordain marriages and that we should allow Him to chose our mates. It is His will that should bring us together, not our own. God has a reason for uniting us with our mates - it is not at all haphazard.

So, if God has brought them together, who should tear them apart?

God Bless!

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