The day I became a christian. c2-head***

The day I became a christian.

by Andrew Dexter.
(Wales. UK.)

1988 was a great year, it was the year I became a born again christian. It was Thursday the 9th of June, just an ordinary day walking through the town of Bargoed, a former mining town in the South Wales valley's with my grandfather Bill. We went through the local market and near the exit were a penticostal group singing and doing an open air demonstration, at the end of it one of the leaders asked if I wanted to give my heart to the lord, I didn't really know what to expect but for two long years I was searching for peace of mind and I didn't really know how easy it was to just accept Jesus as my personal saviour I didn't know how to go about it! He produced a card that had words for me to read and the sinners prayer, they were not my own words but I meant it from the heart and from that moment onwards I felt a great release of burdon, I was on a spiritual high, cloude nine! I was so excited that I was walking too fast for my grandfather Bill to keep up with me. I was invited to elim penticostal church in Bargoed and was made to feel welcome, like a big family, I was only 18, a young inexperienced man let alone a young Christian. As time went on I realized the responsibility of being a Christian, had regular Bible studies and church meetings that help me grow in the spirit. God has most certainly changed my life for the better, I thank him for each and everyday of my life and for what I have. He has changed the way I think and my outlook. Without the Lord God in my life I would probably been in all sorts of trouble. I'm pleased to say that my grandfather Bill is still very much alive, he's 87. The journey has not easy, there has been some challenges, not everyone will listen to me when I tell them about what Jesus did for us. I now attend a house group and I would love to see another welsh revival,we need someone like Evan Roberts, but we all need Jesus.

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Christian NEW

I'm really happy for you, Andrew. It's a blessing that came to you. You are a very good person then. Being a christian, you are now protected from the influence of others. You are blessed.

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