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The Giants in the Land

by Annmarie Fontanez
(Hoschton GA)

Overseer, Annmarie Fontanez

Overseer, Annmarie Fontanez

About Me: My name is Overseer, Annmarie Fontanez, D. Min. I am the Senior Pastor at Cornerstone of Hope Ministries in Winder GA. I have been in ministry for nearly two decades. My husband and I have planted four ministries three of which have been churches. I am the ministry visionary. I am a apostolic teacher for the end times with prophetic revelation.

I believe the greatest witnessing as Christians is exemplified in our integrity. I strives daily to live a life in God and for God. It is quite difficult for me compromise my message or my purpose.

I believe in making the Gospel simple but profound. My teachings are from the studies of the Midrash, the Chumash and other Hebrew teachings. I believe in teaching the deep things of God from the original manuscripts spoken and inspired by God. I strongly seek the un-churched, the displaced and the lost. One of my missions is to train leaders in a new army for the glory of the Kingdom of God. I am comfortable utilizing my divine spiritual authority. I do not hesitate in bringing correction and speaking against false doctrine and false teaching in the church as the spirit will lead me. I do fight for the righteous and speak against religious spirits. In addition, I am serious about the lack of conviction of sin in the church.

Scripture(s):Isaiah 61:1 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor: He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound"

My thoughts...People are perishing for lack of knowledge. Many of them aware of their dry spirits, people functioning lifeless not living their lives on purpose. Yet not having enough courage to stand up and be counted for Christ's true message to His people.

Questions it brought to my mind...Is the body of Christ ever going to have enough faith to get through the times that are ahead which oppose everything you presently believe in.

My closing prayer...Father, Son and Holy spirit I pray that this day that you have made, that you will find the moment when your glory will be revealed to all man. I pray that all may come to the knowledge of you before it becomes difficult to return to your ways.

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Jul 04, 2017
hmmmm NEW
by: Anonymous

I wandered on to this page while the spirit led me to search for an online Bible study group. I am a homosexual with a desire to serve the Lord so of course I expected that the chances of finding a group to study with would be rather slim. I have heard much of the anti-gay church rhetoric but that hasnt stopped my love for the Lord.
Anyway I was surprized and disappointed to see that someone in the church is still having trouble trouble accepting the teaching of a woman preacher and criticizing her source materials. Here is why,
In the old testament there was a female religious leader who guided Barak to a victory for the Lord when Barak was not confident in his walk with the Lord. Kinda like Moses and Aaron. It wasn't Gods first choice but it was a workable arrangement which God used to gain victory and freedom for His people.

In the OT and the NT there are several scriptures which accuse and condemn we Christians for confusing the Will of God with the traditions of man. Christ spoke against this mistake but he did not speak against women preachers (or homosexuals) My sense is that the themes of the Bible which carried over from the OT to the NT, which Christ spoke about directly must bee most important themes or principles for us to understand. The rest may be only traditions of man.
Blessed be the Lord! May He grant us understanding of His will.

Feb 13, 2013
False teaching abounds here... NEW
by: Ellis Dee

With all due respect. If your teachings come from outside the Scriptures....which you say they do, then you ma'am are a false teacher. You say you teach the Hebrew Midrash, the Rabbinic teachings and interpretations...but that is not Scripture. If you do not teach and preach from Scripture alone, you have deviated into the teachings of mere men (or women). Also, the Scriptures clearly teach against women serving as pastors/elders/bishops. It is not that women are ontologically different than men. We are all created in God's image and are equal in His eyes...yet He did create men and women with different roles in the Body. I beg you to repent of your false position and your false teaching. Those who claim to teach the oracles of God will be judge strictly, so fear God and repent.

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