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Unsaved Husband

by Robin

I have been married for almost 10 years. My unsaved husband is not a Christian. I have asked him to come with me but the only times he will is for meals.

I have gotten him to come to our self Bible study group when it was at home. He doesn't always stay while we are discussing the Bible, but he has joined in the fellowship. My Church family says that he will soon. Just give him time and keep praying.

I go to a pentecostal church. I love going. Some times I feel that Satan and my husband try to get me to stay at home. I want to so badly to show others that I am living for Him. I feel that Satan stops me by saying they don't want to hear that. I need God to help me on that.

I know that there are others like me. I can use all the support.

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Brother NEW
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by: Anonymous

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thanks NEW
by: chizzy

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my testimony NEW
by: angelina

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At the point I want out... NEW
by: Empty

My husband & I have been married for 23yrs. I'm save & working in ministry. My husband has a calling upon his life but refuse to answer. God has shown him how he is supposed to be working beside me in ministry. But my husband is a denying alcoholic & he treats me so bad. 3 days in the new year & he has told me ever day to leave using some very harsh & ugly words. I believe he want to stop drinking but he don't want to admit he has a strong hold. And I believe he hates I'm delivered & he's not cause he say he pray everyday for God to take it from him. But he still drinking vodka & beer 7 days a week. He looks for a reason to curse me out. To tell me to leave. To tell me I'm stupid or crazy. I'm so tired of living like this. I've stayed for these years praying for our marriage. I'm at the point I love him as I should love man kind but I'm not in love with him. If God say go, I would with no problem. I feel that God can keep me saved & sanctified as long as he live. And I remain unmarried if that's God will. I can't speak to him about anything. We don't talk. He tells me it's all about him & I don't matter. I don't even know how to pray about it any more its been going on for so long.

Unbelieving Spouse of 18 years NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been saved for almost 18 years. When I first gave my heart to the Lord, my husband said it was just a passing phase and I would get over it. He hated to see me read my Bible, or have other Christians to call the house or even stop by. So, as I prayed for my husband, and to be honest I did a lot of praying for the Lord to change him and work on him, to soften his heart. The Lord spoke to me and said for me to get to him I first have to change you. He changed my way of thinking, how I felt about him and my words that I spoke. I am still a work in progress, my husband still isn't living for the Lord, but God is still on the throne. He promised me, that as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. That includes my husband. I have learned some very valuable lessons on unconditional love, speaking life over my husband, marriage and home. Chastening my words, so as not to speak against what I am believing for, even jokingly. But most of all, God is my refuge even with an unbelieving spouse.

love overcomes, love never gives up
by: Anonymous

I became saved and have been for 10 months now.
My boyfriend was very sarcastic about my faith at first, but is yielding bit by bit. However, my Pastor have asked to see us about our situation.

I believe that God is working in my boyfriends' heart and even though alot of people are trying to convince me that being unequally yoked is wrong, my boyfriend does have a personal relationship with God, although he is not attending a pentecostal church.

I believe that by leaving him, i will push him away from God instead of closer. Yes, he does pull me down sometimes, but i believe that if i ask God he will give me what i ask, as the Bible says ask and you shall receive.

I truly believe with my whole heart that God wants me to be happy and not miserable.

i also believe that by being amongst my christian friends, my boyfriend will see how good it is being saved, instead of our old friends that partake in worldly things.

I also believe that i create alot of opportunities for him to attend church, whereas on his own he will not freely go. am i pushing him?

Salvation is for ALL!
by: Anonymous

Hi, This is for anonymous.Salvation is for anyone who will recieve it.We may never know for sure who is saved or not saved,But the person should know if the truth has been told to him. Read John 3:16 this passage along gives us an invatation.

Seek the Lord
by: Phyllis

I was once where you are, I wanted my kids and my husband to be saved so bad so we could live as a christian family. Here is the thing,You must minister to them, and live a life pleasing to God so they will see who you are in Christ,stay on you face before the Lord on their behalf seeking God for their salvation,if you do God will see you hearts cry for them ,and he will begain to give them the desire to want to know him. Now,sometimes your family may not be ready to make a change and it will look like they will never change, but that can be the trick of the enemy your job is to keep seeking God for them.
Here is what I did,I told the Lord that my hearts desire was that my whole houehold be saved,so I prayed this every day, Lord,I ask that you will give my children and my husband a hunger and a thirst for you, and for rightouness so that they may come to know you and recieve you as they personal Lord and saviour I gave him thanks for doing it and it happend. My oldest son, my middle son, my husband then my baby they all gave their heart to the Lord one by one, but it happend.PRAISE THE LORD! We love the Lord as a whole, and God has truly been blessing this family and we always pray for one another when trials come. Honey, it feel so good to see my whole family sitting in church faithfully we are ready for anything that comes our way, if one gets weak there more of us to believe God on the others behalf. I encourage you to keep praying,and wait on God.

thank you:)
by: Anonymous

I was just looking for support for myself and ran into this post. I am so grateful to find that there is hope. I have been married for 12 years, raising my children as Catholics and going to church on my own with my kids. My husband goes on Christmas and Easter and recently told me he thinks church is a waste of his time. That hurt me like a knife in my heart. I have been very depressed because of this lately, but after reading posts today I realized that it is not my job to change him. He has to come to God on his own. All I can do is continue to raise my boys in the Catholic faith, go to church and pray for my husband. It is hard though because my boys often ask, "Why doesn't daddy believe in God?" I don't have an answer for them. I just tell them to continue to pray for their daddy and hopefully he will come to know God one day.

unsaved husband?
by: Anonymous

Who is to say your husband is unsaved. Only God can decide who is to be saved, not us humans. Only God knows what's in our hearts.

prayer and hope
by: Kat

I've been there. It was possible the most difficult test I've been through (and still go through), but God knows. My husband has begun going to church with me weekly, although is more of an observer. But he's been coming now for 4 months! And this from a man who would never go near church! He is more accepting to "little" things ... praying at meals, a cross on the wall, etc. God has begun working in his heart in little itty bitty ways, but the seed is planted. I continue to pray, to be with him, to allow for discussion as he wants, and know for sure that our ever-loving God will continue to grow the seed within my husbands heart. He is all good and caring to his children!! I will pray for you and your husband,

My hubby too
by: Sandra

I am right there with you. I have been married for almost 10 yrs me and the kids go to church but my husband never wants to go. At first it was really hard and there are still days that I want to give up on him but like the word says Love is patient so inspite of how we feel, we need to continue to pray and let our light shine and our submissive attitudes to our husbands be right so that they can see the work of the Lord within us.It may not happen today, tomorrow, or even within the next year but we keep our eyes in Jesus and move ahead obediently. One day the veil of deception will come off their eyes. So keep failth and keep praying no worries I will be doing the same!

You are not alone
by: Georgia Girl


You are not alone. There are many out there just like you.

I was right there where you are. I prayed for my husband 20 years! He came to the Lord in our living room while I was at work! So don't think he has to be at church when it happens.

Don't give up on God! He is at work in you and on behalf of your husband.

You keep your relationship alive and fruitful with God. And, just simply pray for those laborers to come across his path.

I was amazed when I realized how many of God's children he had surrounding my husband! Pray for God's children to show the LOVE OF GOD to him!

God is faithful. And you confess daily, AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE SERVE GOD!

Keep pressing on with JESUS.

I've been there
by: Anonymous

I read your post and my heart goes out to you. I completely understand what you are going through - almost feeling torn between two separate lives. My husband does not attend church with me, either. He used to. Long story. What I learned is that the Lord wants us to leave the condition of our husbands up to Him. Our husbands are not for us to 'fix' or 'convert' or anything except love, respect, and accept them. I know it's really hard someday, but the minute you "let go, and let God" (sounds so cliche), things change. You will develop peace about your situation, as will your husband eventually.
Keep praying for him, read Proverbs 31, and learn to live Godly for your own reasons, and that of the Lord.
Hope that helps. I will pray for you.

Trust and Rejoice
by: Tammy

Hi, I just want to share with you.First of all don't try to prove anything to people.Show God that your living for him. Do those things that please the Father and people can't help but to see God in your life.A lot of times that's the trick of the emeny,I makes us feel like we have to show people or in other words prove something to somebody, that what he tried to do but failed.So let that go.Next,I took a class on the principles of prayer offered by Charlotte-Campus LCU(Life Christian University),it was a book by Kenneth Haggin called Principles of Prayer. He stated in this book that he had been praying for his brother that wasn't saved.TO make a lond story short, He said that He prayed and kept praying, the Holy Spirit told him to start rejoicing as if it had already happened. No longer pray this pray again everytime the enemy bring this to your mind rejoice and thank God for His son Jesus who died just for your husband. Just praise God now for his unfailing love,That same love that did for you and your husband, then be like Joshua and decree and declare that for you and your house yall shall serve the Lord. Stay in worship and contuine to give God all the glory and share to gosple to everyone that Holy Spirit leads you to. Take care of God's business and watch God take care of yours and remember to cast all,ALL your cares upon the Lord for he cares for you.Remember that without FAITH it is impossible to please God. So Grow in your Faith, Trust and Beleive in God because there is nothing to hard for God.God Bless Tammy

Keep Trying!
by: Caitlin

You MUST keep trying. I speak from experience. It was my boyfriend who converted me. I was VERY resistant for a long time. I made fun of his religion and argued with him about it CONSTANTLY. The truth was I had never even read the Bible. I wasn't brought up around the Bible because my father never really cared and my mother was an Atheist. I must say, I'm really glad my boyfriend hung in there, because now I study the Bible everyday (even if only for a few minutes) and we go to church together now. It's a wonderful experience for both of us. It all happened because he was very persistant, but never pushy. He really was the first person to ever sit me down and explain Christianity to me. I became more interested and borrowed his study Bible. I began reading it, and I was SO enthralled that I started reading it everyday! Soon after I started attending church and here I am today!

So DON'T give up! Don't be too pushy, but be persistant and patient. Encourage questions about it and just keep trying! He might thank you for it later!

GOD hears your prayers for hubbie
by: ohiohillbilly

hang in there! trust GOD! ASK PRAY BUT PLEASE DO NOT PUSH HIM TO GO! let GOD be GOD and do his work as by asking and praying and setting an example you are doing yours! this was the story for me and my husband for many years! it is the same with other women i know!
if i may i would advise you to also make time for him! sometimes we get so busy with the busy work of church we forget our spouses and i do not think(for me and some others anyway) that will get him thers or to CHRIST because they feel resentful!(and have been known to use it for an excuse!!) try to make time for him also and honor GOD in your marriage and your church in this way!! (
it ain't easy!) talk to some of the women at your church and ask them! the older ones are especially helpful!!
GOD BLESS YOU and be assured by HIS own WORD that HE hears you!

Praying for you...
by: Ameerah

Hi Robin,
I want you to know that I am praying for you and for your husband. I pray that God can strengthen you to be a quiet example of His love, forgiveness, and patience. I pray that God will use your example as a way of drawing your husband to Him.

I would really be encouraged by the fact that you husband is participating in the fellowship. It is by being around people filled with God's Spirit and really getting to know them and their lives that many people are drawn to God - Our lives are our best ministry. People listen to our lives much more closely than they listen to our mouths.

When my husband and I started dating, neither of us were saved. I made the commitment to God before he did, and I was very tempted to break off our relationship. Still, I felt in my heart that he was my husband. Through all of the sin that I watched in his life, God told me not to leave - why? Because I could only see the present- God could see my husband's future.

I say that to say, as human beings, we can get very caught up in what we see in front of our eyes, and not realize what is going on in the spirit realm. The Spirit of God was working on my husband's heart, whether I could see it or not. God knew what my husband was ready to hear, and what he was not - so He only allowed his to attend certain things and hear certain things because those were the things he was able to digest and accept at that time. The other things would have pushed him further away from God instead of pulling him closer because he was not ready.

In terms of feeling like Satan doesn't want to you to go to church - he doesn't. There is no way around it. And, he will use your husband to get you to stay home - he will use anything he can to get you to stay home.

I've gone through periods of my life where it almost seemed like it physically hurt to go to church. It was such a struggle. And, if I missed a week, it was that much harder to go the next week. One thing that can really help with this is developing a closer relationship with God throughout the week.

Spending time praying and talking with God on a daily basis will help you experience more of His presence in your everyday life. The Holy Spirit can be your strength, and help you to fight off Satan's attacks to keep you home.

I hope that helps a bit. But, I am sure there are some other women out there who have been through something similar who can give you even more advice.

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