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Ameerah Lewis: Founder and Bible TeacherThese powerful teachings have been compiled for you from some of the revolutionary classes that Ameerah has taught through The Hem's Virtual Classroom, The School of the Spirit.  

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Part 1:
Reconnecting with Your First Love

Part 2:  
Abba...Daddy: Your Key To Intimacy with God

Part 3:
How To Develop Intimacy With God

Part 4:  
How To Really Make Time For God

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"The State of Your Soul" by Pastor Ameerah Lewis

State of Your Soul Free Christian eBook
Hi...Pastor Ameerah here.
I want to give you a WARNING right now before you download this...Some of the things I've written in this book may shock you.

I say that because - They SHOCKED me.

But, as I was writing, God really opened my eyes up to some areas where we as His children have been in some serious BONDAGE.  Areas that I had never even recognized before. I knew in my heart that I needed to expose these lies for what they really are. 

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