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Weekend Prayer Encouragement

by Ronnie

My faith in Jesus tells me that this weekend will be a weekend of miracles for all who believe. With faith in Jesus words and in his power and willingness to provide for all of our needs INCLUDING restoring millions and millions of marriages and families we will see miracles.
I pray that this weekend ALL of us standers will unite in prayer and in faith for the restoration, healing, and reuniting of our families.

I pray for a hedge of thorns and wall of fire to block and prevent our spouses in their attempts to engage in sexual immorality. I pray that those spouses caught in the grips of drinking, drugs, anger, resentment and any other sinful stronghold will be freed and return to Jesus instantly.
Even though our families may look like lost ships in rough waters Jesus will be a lighthouse for our spouses and for us standers.

Everyday I continue to believe for my family and yours regardless of the circumstances, Regardless of what I may see or hear. I believe.
We cant see the other side of the mountain but we must believe that Jesus is working on the other side of it.

I believe my Wife Tina is on the delivery truck driven by Jesus. She has a sticker on her head marked "property of Jesus", to be shipped to her husband Ronnie. That truck simply has the word "miracles" written on the side of it, and unlike UPS or FEDEX The Lords deliveries never run late. My wife and your spouse will be cleaned up, nice and shiny and with a restored heart and mind and renewed love for me, you and our marriages. My wife is sitting in that truck next to YOUR spouse who is also going to be delivered to your door step by Jesus.

Lets make sure we make a place in our hearts and homes for our cherished packages when they are delivered to our doorsteps and arms.
P.S. Make sure you tip the driver. His name is Jesus and all he ask for as a tip is our thanks, love, and dedication to him.

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by: Anonymous

Amen, Amen, Amen....

I believe in the mirracles that are about to happen between me and my son's father. Families drove us apart, but we will find our way as soon as he returns from work....

I love u God, i will never stop loving u.... U are my streghth in weakness, pain and sorrow. With the re-union of my relationship, i want u to bring my man to u'r altar aswell. He's very weak in believing in u, but with my prayers and everyone elses i know he can relay on u as his saviour.....

With somuch faith and thanksgiving i proclaim the gift God has in store for me for the weekend and i will receive it with and open heart.... Amen....

by: Anonymous

also please pray for my friend edd to get well and be okay and live. he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia rentcently found out that it has return. suvior rate, 17/77%? he's in the hospital too being treated.

by: keijo

Thank you ,pray for me and my long fight against my enemies in the spirit that get free and victory in Christ andbe blessing in him,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden

by: Anonymous

Despite all the bad things that happen in life it is nice to see someone with faith. It still exsits. I have an email on someone's computer I need adivce my email is bluesgirl29@hotmail.com. I try to keep faith and love for everyone on this earth because I know that is how God wants me to be but sometimes it is hard.

Weekend of Miracles
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your encouragement. yes, this is going to be a weekend of miracles. I too am standing for my marriage. My husband and I divorced in September, but this weekend we will be at a family get together with his family, though we are traveling seperately I believe that God is faithful and that this weekend is the weekend for God to show himself to my husband.
the Lord called me to stand for the restoration of my marriage in December. I love and trust my God. I could not live without the Lord and His great mercy. My God is more than enough. Please join with me in praying for my husband's salvation as that is the most important aspect of standing in the gap for my spouse. PRAISE THE LORD for He is always at work.

by: PAT


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