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What Does it Mean to Walk in the Spirit?

by Kettly Duchatellier
(Conyers Ga ( US))

First and foremost, my name is Kettly Duchatellier. I've signed for the class. The School- of- the Spirit! I got to tell you I enjoyed the class very much. I can't wait to do it again.

The reason for my writing tonight is to tell you; you were right on the money when you talked about the search for your house. And what the Holy Spirit says to you concerning your search.

Just about a little after 11 AM in the Morning yesterday, I was in my Devotional for the day, after I finished reading the readings for the day on Luke 17. I've felt the way I wanted to pray was through writing my prayer to the Lord. And that's exactly what I did; I wrote my prayer to Him. I told Him my husband and I have been looking for a house since end of October, and every houses we found and put our bid in, somebody else beat us to it.

And I said Father, do you want us to still keep on looking or do you want us to stop? Because every place we go to, and the one we like, someone else likes it better or our bid sometimes is too low.

So in my writing prayer I wrote Lord my Father, you who knows the plan for our marriage and for our lives better than us, please let us know what do you want for us? Not our will Father, but thy will for us. Holy Spirit I don't want to ask anyone for their opinions or talk to anyone about what should we do, I want you Holy Spirit to tell me or my husband what to do. I also told Him when I told my husband about something He (Holy Spirit) said to me, my husband will ask Him somehow for a confirmation. Not because he does not believe me, he just wants to be sure we are on the same page.

The reason I write this line to Him is because my husband said to me the night before, that the reason why we don't get the place we desired yet. It's because God take these houses out for us in our favor, because He (God) is working something better for us, so, He is protecting these houses we choose, and so when the interest rate goes down we can get the one we really desire at a better price and interest rate.

So, yes I asked the Lord for a conformation too, because I feel I was getting too anxious for my own good. I write Father Lord, before we went out to look for a home, we asked you to choose the best home for us. If by now we don't get anything yet, I have to believe like Fritz my husband said you do have the best home for us. So Daddy, will you please confirmed this for me. Not because I don't believed what my husband says, because I do, I truly do, but Father my heart can't stop beating.
Please help.

One of my friend called, while we were talking, she said I want to moved kettly, but somehow I feel the Lord is saying you need to wait because I am doing something. I am working something in your favor so I want you to wait and let me do it. Right at that moment I know this was the Lord confirming my question to me. So tonight, when you mention your story about your own search again, I still believed that was the Lord's confirmation one more time to me about waiting on Him, for Him to work the best plan for us.

Thank you so much for your obedience and your humbleness to share your story with us. May the Lord bless you and those you love this Christmas season and always!

Merry Christmas 2008
Happy New Year 2009

One of your Students
With Love,
Kettly Duchatellier
December 19, 2008

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