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Who do we blame?

by Sergio Occhiochiuso
(Scotland (UK))

This is Sergio's Bible Study notebook on blame and responsibility.

Date of Entry:
20 April 2008

About me...
My name is Sergio, I came to the Lord Jesus on Christmas day 1968. I have four children and twelve grandchildren and I love the Lord.

Genesis 3:8-13; 1Samuel 15:1-24

My thoughts...
It is so easy to put the blame on everyone else and on everything else, rather than to be honest and face up to the truth, that perhaps we have created a problem and now we have to face up to the consequences. At times even the tools that we use for our work get the blame for our own inability.

The finger pointing, the blame shifting, is nothing new, this has been done for centuries. The first record that we have regarding passing the proverbial "buck" started in Genesis, and to be precise in the garden of Eden (Gen. :3v8-13).

When Adam succumbed to Eve’s temptation, when Eve accepted the serpent suggestion to take the fruit from the tree, their lives were thrown into turmoil, there was a change in their lifestyle. They discovered the need to make some sort of covering for their short comings. They had made a choice; therefore they became responsible for their actions.

When God started to call on Adam, it was natural now for Adam and Eve to hide, they had no choice. Now they were ashamed of their short comings, and when God eventually found them, and asked them why they were hiding from Him, their answer’ their disobedience. What it comes through clearly is that neither Adam or Eve were prepared to accept responsibility for what they had done, they started to blame one another and eventually the serpent, neither of the two accepted or acknowledged the fact that they had disobeyed the Lord, that they had chosen to ignore God's commandment and now they had to face up to the outcome for their action. Man has been removed from the presence of God ever since.

Blame shifting brought down a king and destroyed his lineage and his kingdom. This king also made the choice to ignore God's commandment and the result was catastrophic.

The king was Saul (1Sam:15v1-24). He disobeyed God's commandment when he didn't destroy the Amalakites, and then when he was found out he tried to blame others for his disobedience.

Like Adam and Eve and Saul, we all have a choice whether to obey God or not. After the choice is made we have to take responsibility for that choice and not try to shift the blame on something or someone else.

We have been giving a soul that makes us different from the rest of creation, and with this comes responsibility.

As believers we have to understand this principle and learn to be honest and admit that we also make mistakes, and make wrong choices that will effect only our life but also the lives of others.

As part of the family of God and of our spiritual interlock with one another, we have to be careful not to be like Adam, Eve and Saul, that through their choices, their blame shifting attitude lost a great deal. Because of the love of God for His creation, the human race through Jesus Christ can be restored back to God.

Who do we blame for our problems? At times we have to look closer to home, then go before a loving Father through Jesus Christ and lay it before Him.
Forgiveness is always there.

By Sergio Occhiochiuso

Questions it brought to my mind...
Why is it so easy to blame others and events?

My closing prayer...
Lord, may your children become honest with You and themselves and stop blaming others.

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