Why am I here? Do other women feel like this? c2-head***

Why am I here? Do other women feel like this?

I am 34 years old, married to a wonderful man of 12 years. Am a true devoted Christian, love God. I have such a great desire to be a better person. I at times fall short, I feel, of my responsibilties as a woman, mother, wife, and would love to better things.

I would like to discuss how other women feel in their everyday life dealing with their responsibilities, etc. Sometimes I feel I am the only one who has certain feelings and then I feel guilty. Is anyone else like me? What are my true responsibilities? Why am I here?

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Education NEW
by: Anonymous

They people need some gaudiness about the women’s education, they tend to thought that the women’s education is not necessary but we should try custom writing company to develop the interest in girls education so that country get more economical development.

What I've found
by: Lori

I was lost for 29 living a life that was destructive until I had an encounter with the Lord.I've been radically changed and 4 yrs later I'm still as hungry as that first day.All I knew formerly were lies and deception.I stood strong for those things and led many to believe them too.Now through intense washing with the word and much repentance I have learned to exchange those things that were hindering my life from receiving God's best through intimacy in prayer with Him.He most assuredly is Lord over every aspect of my life and it's truly a great gift and a blessed life now.I had no idea that He was real because I had never met anyone who knew Him like this.There was one family that did though and the anointing on these people is so strong that you had to ask "what is it about you that's different?" they would tell you it's the Lord.This light is only going to be kept lit by spending time in His presence.Abide in His love.Saturate yourself in it.And let Him reveal to you the desires of your heart that He's put there.He'll tell you who you are as you have a specific call and certain gifts just for you.This love is amazing to know and brings tears of absolute gladness and it's deeper than any earthly love.Read Ps.139 and let it come so alive in you that it's just for you.God bless you beloved.

Whats my purpose?
by: Anonymous

I am a newly married and 24 years old. My husband and I just made a big move. He has wonderful opportunities here and I am truly excited for him. I am however struggling to find my purpose and what to do. I have so much burning inside of me but I feel limited in this new place. My husband is a musician and I am a singer. Its difficult to run after what I burn for because I have to wait on him and he is so preoccupied with other things. I feel like I have no support system in what I love. What should I do, what is my purpose? an does it even matter now that Im married?

knowledge will set you free
by: toti

Know your purpose, keep it first and foremost in your mind and you are home and dry. we are made in Gods image, for communion with Him. Our purpose here is to add value, we were made to care and tend for the earth and for others. none of these things will make you a lot of money or get you a lot of recognition unless you become Mother Teresa.BUT DONE WITH A SERVANTS HEART THEY GET YOU THE GATE PASS INTO HEAVEN, those you do them for will be blessed, seeing the change in their circumstances you get your rush of feel good hormones. The people we do good for get the rush of feel good hormones too, hey, and they pray for you with gladness; we all know what prayer does dont we. so KEEP RIGHT ON. Do the best you can, by and by we will get were we are going, we seem wasted on this earth because it aint our home. we are heaven bound.

Why am i here
by: Anonymous

God has a purpose for each and every one of us. yes at times you may feel you are nothing yet God counts on you. there are so many responsibilities that lie ahead of a woman and sometimes we feel we are not doing the right thing, but encourage that we can do all things through christ who strengthen us. we must be like Naoimi who having hope through the famines of life. God loves you and heas something for you in Life. trust him. may your home best blest always.
I am pamela from Zambia, a servant of christ. i was called in the minstry when i was 16years old and i am 32years now serving as a pastor at Salvation Army Church particular serving at our pastors college in Lusaka.
i will pray for you, this site has encouraged me a lot.
stay blessed.

Why am I here?
by: Pat

At some point in our lives we've all felt the same thing,that's men & women alike feel we are just barely making it one day at a time. In times like these we must just stay focused on God, we were all made for the same purpose to serve God by loving and helping others. That purpose will not change whether we are man or woman,we are of course to pray & seek God as to what He would have us to do right from where we are now.God understands very well all of our feelings and He is ready to work in us to bring us to the place to best serve him. Feelings of guilt come from this old nasty flesh and God knows all about that to,just begin to praise God where you are and if you are comparing yourself to what others then stop,for God can and will use us where ever we are,and He will use us like He wants to. And just know that God fully understand you & He truly loves you.
Love in Christ Pat Thacker 1-26-09 p.s. stay in God's word.

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