will god forgive me? c2-head***

will god forgive me?

hello. i had hatred in my heart with my partner so i prayed not to i was thirsting for the lord and he would bring me down. to make it short . i forgave him,many times. so i stoped searching for the father. i wanted to keep going with god i was not feeling right without god. so i just met this friend. and i asked the lord to forgive me first. so i can talk to him about god so i asked him if he wanted to give his life to god he said yes and that i was no one to judge him that god died for us sinners so i also wanted to share this great fire in my hands with him that comes with peace. which i don't know what is for but i like to share so i prayed over him and this is my first experience he started to shake in a wiered way where he scared me the way he was so i said please repent repent ask god to forgive u , he cried i had this bad feeling to where i asked my partner to come help me i was going to stop but i remember my uncle said god does not want cawords. so i went back and kept praying and i got my book prayer to rout out demons. i was afraid i said lord don't abandon me. so we tried the next day this time he said that when i prayed over him he felt the heat over his head with my hands and that it felt that i was pulling something out of him, that when i lifted my hand he felt something leave , ever since that he has been wanting to search for god i gave him a bible he says hes never read a bible beafore in his life . that's not all but after that i started struggling with this thing that i felt it trying to attack me but i went thru somethings with my partner to where we got into a fight and we argued but then i was thinking that satan is mad cus i took a soul that he thought he had in his hands and i dont know i was confussed was all this a good thing? and i hope god does forgive the way i acted.with my partner beacuse of reamembering how he treated me i use to pray 7 hours strait now is once in a while 7 hours a day . beacuse i loved to feel that joy and peace . i do forgive him as well. but i do hope that my friend stays in the right path. i don't go to church any more well thats another story but i guess this is it for now thank you god bless can you please let me know what is the meaning of the fire in the hands ? thank u :)

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