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Wrong Priorities

by Serene

I am a young single mother with a child. I was in a relationship with what I thought was a good christian man for about 3-4 years and I just recently found out that he was cheating on me with another girl he met at his workplace. I have been absolutely devastated and am suffering depression and low self esteem. I have been terrified that being a single mother I won't find a christian man willing to marry me.

To the point, well I had been considering getting liposuction done around my neck and jaws as it was an area of my face that I was very self conscious about. I had booked a date to do it and then cancelled it because I felt like God didn't want me to do it. But since having my boyfriend cheat on me I rushed into getting it done, despite having a lack of peace about it.
My problem is that I am very happy with the result and feel a lot more confident about myself. But now I am afraid that God cannot forgive me since I rationalised my mind into ignoring the bad feelings and got the procedure done knowing that God probably didn't approve. I can't really say that I regret getting the liposuction done, because I felt so bad about myself before. Will I ever be able to be rid of this stronghold of vanity over my life. How can I be truly repentant since I cannot get the procedure reversed? Please advise me on this, I am really struggling with the guilt and wrestling with this desire to attract a future husband. I know my priorities are all wrong, but how do I change my heart?

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I had been struggling and researching also
by: Lee

You know... I had been struggling with this also until I put it into this perspective: God made me as I am. Just as I am. Perfect. Now, by man's standards, I may have "imperfections". But, that's by man's standards. Now, if I change what God has made perfect, that's admitting that God is not perfect because He did not make something completely perfect. Also, by making changes to my body, I am making changes so I can get control over my life (new boy/girl friend, get a modelling job, whatever). SO, ultimately, this is a complete lack of faith. I would be trying to own my life versus trusting in His plan for me and giving control of my life to Him for His glorification.

I've chosen against. I will work hard with the tools that He has given me and ... not let the chips fall where they may but ... let God place the chips where He wants them.

Wrong Priorities
by: Pat Thacker

Hi Serene,
I believe the first thing you should do is try to calm down,you cannot hear from God when your emotions are running wild.And the last thing you need to be doing is looking for a new boy friend. God wants to be first in our lives,that don't mean that somewhere down the road God want give you the right mate. But right now just try to calm down and stop beating yourself up,the liposuction is not a sin,any thing we indulge in is and either way God will forgive you and help you forgive yourself. Just calm down and listen get into the word,and listen,and wait.In Titus 3:4~7 Is telling that God loves us and it's not by good works that you're saved,but God's grace.God loves you Serene more than you'll ever know and Jesus died and rose again so that you can be forgiven.
Love ya
I wish that everyone would date their post,just a thought.

Gods love
by: Anonymous

God loves you so much. you are made in His image. His love is eternal and so is His forgiveness. Read psalm 139 and 91. HE KNOWS YOU AND HE STILL LOVES YOU. HE GAVE JESUS TO BE YOUR SAVIOUR. Granted we sin and fall and fail and are weak butGod is always there waiting to restore us.
blessings my dear sister

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