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Bible Study On Sarah

by Kia M. Nolley-Smith
(Washington, DC)

In our Bible Study on Sarah, we talked about how the pain and disappointment of Sarah's barrenness caused her to lose faith, and step out to take matters in her own hands.

Here is Kia's response to our Sarah Bible lesson...

1.) Have you ever caught yourself beginning to blame God for a particular situation? If so, why?

Yes, but in the sense that I asked God why He has made me barren. It is hurtful not to be able to bring forth children for your husband. You spend the majority of your life trying to not have children. Then when it's time and you can't, it is painful.

Yes I have asked God why He has done this to me and why the undeserving have children. What I have found is just like Sarah, I will have children when He is ready to bless me with them.

2.) What do you think the significance was of God changing Sarai's name to Sarah?

God made Sarah His daughter a woman on His thrown. Her lineage was to birth the son of God. He had to change her name to royalty.

3.) Were you surprise by Sarah's imperfections? Why do you think God never glosses over people's missteps in the Bible?

No, unfortunately we aren't perfect, so the fact that she wasn't doesn't surprise me. What truly matters is the strength and courage it took for her to have faith in God. That takes a lot to put all your faith in Him and to not lean to your own understanding.

4.) Like the women in the Bible, what spiritual legacy would you like to leave for the future generations of women in your family?

I would like for children and grand children to know that I was a strong, chayil, God fearing woman that overcame all adversity. I want them to see me as a river of wisdom and that the wisdom I am granted from God be instilled in each of them forever and passed on to future generations.

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You are a blessing you must no NEW
by: Anonymous

God is always there even when you think he is not. I sure hope that your life is blessed and remember you are loved by many. You just have to reach out to your family and friends and allow them to be part of your life. I was just looking on my computer And saw a beautiful young lady that god has already blessed in case you do not no as my mother says one day you will have more kids than you ever thing. May god continue to bless you and you family. Remember he got you. I never had a daughter until I became a foster mother but he bless me with wonderful sons be strong he got your back

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