Christian Depression Bible Study Questions c2-head***

Christian Depression Bible Study Questions

by krysti

Where does depression come from? That is just on of the things we discussed in our free 3 part study of how to overcome depression. Here are Krysti's answers to the Christian depression Bible Study questions (lesson 2)...

1. Do you believe that depression is more of a spiritual battle, or a medical battle? Why?
Spiritual battle..

2. Have you ever had times when it felt like it would physically hurt to praise the Lord?
Yes, the past 2 days it was impossible for me to go to God, read his word or even praise him. Today when I got up I said enough is enough, I started worshiping and the tears kept coming and I could feel the release, but at the same time I could hear my mind recapping the things that got me depressed. It was a battle, but I know I already have the victory...even if I don't feel it at job is to cling to God's promises and know who I am in Christ.

3. What parts of your spiritual armor are a bit rusty? How can you strengthen them for your battle with Satan for your healing for depression?
My belt of truth needs some work. Sometimes I allow what people say about me to override what God says about me It plays on my self esteem. If I write scriptures that say who I am in Christ and keep them on hand to read, it would help big time. God's opinion is the only one that matters.

The fact that it's my mind that's being attacked, shows that my helmet is not on properly. If I spend more time reading the bible, focus more on God's promises and what he has in store for me, the role of the Holy Spirit in my life and the fact that I have the victory.

I really need to keep scripture on hand or start a journal.
That would help.

Are you battling against Christian depression? Discover how Jesus can set you free in The Hem's free Bible study on Christian depression.

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by: tim

Thanks for sharing Krysti, keep up the good work.

Where does depression come from
by: Rose

Yes, you need the helmet of salvation, but it is good to know that depression is a build up of negitive thoughts. If you speak to the negitive thoughts, and use the word of God, and see you true value as his forgiven child, the thoughts will play back more like the mind of christ. Just think, we are told to put on the mind of christ, now how would the Father speak or think of his valued child. Satan is liar and the father of lies. Chances are, that somewhere in the world the devil imput those lies through a friend, family member, or even the world system. There are two voices in a christians thoughts, one from God which is true, and the other from satan, which is a lie. We need to learn the truth about who we are in christ, and start to think like him. Good, positive wholesome, loving thoughts about ourselves. To me the helmet of salvation, is the mind of christ, only he can change our thoughts, if we think on things that are true from his word concerning us then we will be joyful and able to rebuke the bad thoughts that do not come from him.

Dealing With Depression
by: Pat

I enjoyed your post really good,yes praise is a great tool to use against the enemy.Praise the Lord keep up the good work Thanks for sharing Krysti.

Love in Christ
Pat Thacker 2-13-09

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