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Following God

by Eric G. Miller
(Lancaster, California, Unitied States)

As a younger man I had experienced many dreams and visions, which did come to pass, including who I was to marry, where I would live, what cars I would drive, but I did not know the source. On my last vision I had a dream of an angle chasing me with a sword in hand riding on a white horse. As I tried to out run this horsemen in my rear view mirror I would drive to a certain point and this horse man would appear in front of me riding toward me. I would turn the car around, and head back in the direction in which I came, only to have the horse man appear before me, again and again. I finally stopped and looked at the horse man, who then raised his sword and pointed to the south, across a lake to what was an amazing sight. The clouds had opened up, and there were thousands and thousands of people in single file being carried one by one beyond the clouds. I looked back at the angle and he again pointed to the line of people. "Go" was his command, "Join" . so I went, across the water. As I came up out of the water my clothes were replaced with a bright shinny white robe. I took my place in the line. with the others. and then my dream ended. Shortly thereafter I got another message instructing me to read the bible, everyday, for each day that I would read, I would have peace, joy and rest, and for each day I did not read there would
be no peace, joy no rest. Over the next many months I began to read the Bible beginning in Genesis, and working my way through to Revelation. I experienced many days where I did not understand, being left with more questions than answers. I had made it through to Matthew 8:2 with the Leper asking Jesus "Lord if it be your will cleanse me." Suddenly, I realized that I was just like this man, having nothing to bargain with, having no position with which to ask, and just at the end of my rope so to speak. At 10:00 p.m. December 29, 1996, I asked Jesus into my life, to be my Lord, and to guide me from that point on. Just after my conversion experience, I was given my first trial. My mother told me she had stage four ovarian cancer. I remember driving home that night speaking with Jesus, and telling Jesus, I know that no matter what happens I will follow you. In the next 18 months, my wife and I experience 18 deaths in the family.

In the service I worked in intensive care, and I knew what was coming for my mother. The hardest part was not being able to tell my mother what was about to happen. I had witnessed to my mom and was getting nowhere. I was getting so desperate to save my mother, my wife finally stepped in and in 30 seconds did more than what I was able to do in 15 months. My mother accepted Christ, and there was a great relief for that. Nonetheless I still was asking Jesus for a miracle for my mother. He did give me a miracle, just in his own way. At my mother's funeral, I spoke for my mother, and as a result, all but my dad and older sister came to Christ that day. 15 years later my father finally asked me to tell him about my Jesus. I did, we went the next day and he was baptized, assigned a mentor, a bible study, and small group support group. Today we have many bible discussion.

Over the years there were many more trials, and many more tough times, to come along the way. In every case it has been my experience that as a result of the trial, came reward, not in terms of earthly gains, but in the form of a closeness to God, an increase in my circle, a new person to learn from, and to give me another example of what it is to have ordinary Christian experience, which has in all cases lead to a greater experience with God.

At present, I have passed the baton on to the youth which as 1st and 2nd graders, later as junior high students , and senior high, are now leading junior high and senior high youth groups, and Sunday school classes, mid week student home groups, and such. It was time for me to leave, leaving them the freedom to experience God for themselves, and to impart there life experiences on their students. As such, my wife and I are looking for a new church home, to get involved with, fellowship with, study with and server with and to grow and experience God with.

All in all I can say without reservation, that it is a daily effort to put aside what I want, find out what God requires of me that day, and to follow in the dust of Jesus, just as the apostles and disciples of Christ did 2000 years ago. So as we are seeking to find where God wants us I will in the meantime I ask that you would bless me with your fellowship, and togeather we can grow in our Knowledge and Experience with God, learning to leave our comfort zones beyond the horizon.

Thank You


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