Healed from terrible period pain: Jenny's Testimony c2-head***

Healed from terrible period pain: Jenny's Testimony

by Jenny
(London, United kingdom)

This is a very recent testimony. My period started normally, but before the end of the day I started feeling sum unbearable pain on one side of my tummy. It was so terrible that I was moving from one side of the bed to another in agony.

I called my fiance and told him about it and he told me if I read some chapters in the book of Psalm into a glass of drinking water and drank it I'd be fine. I did exactly as he said. I had an opened 7up so i decided to use it. I read two chapters of Psalm that was praising God and that was asking God to deliver. I then prayed afterward and told God to heal me and that I believe His words that I have just read.

After doing this I slept and woke up some hours later. I felt so much better afterward. The pain is gone and its gone even as I'm presently saying it. I believe the word of the lord and I encourage people not to be scared to take the step of faith because God only wants you to believe.

You only have to just believe Him and leave the rest to Him for Him to do, and He will surely do it for you. God answers prayers.

Glory be to the almighty God.

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God is steel doing
by: Habimana

I am very glad to read abaut your story Jenny,and i wish you to tell about mine .God is working between his Children until now as He did from the past when Israeliten were coming from Egypt.I am a Rwandan who lives jets in Germany.When I was 20 Yers Old,my Doctor had told me that I suffer from Hypoglycemia.I was wery bad,and all my family was weiting only my death.During this time was I in Coma.All Doctors said to me that they have nothing to help me.And some of them said to my mother to weit only my death .
When I saw no help,I said:Jesus is a Doctor.I started lerning intensively the Bible,my Vision was not to be cur but to be saved from all my sins.I new that when my sin are vorgiven ,I will live safely.But Jusus was willing to cur me from all deseas.jet I am free.Uncurable deases was easer for Him.

In this world we are always seek,but Jusus is not seek.He is always Perfekt.He is willing to save all who come to him by faith.After curing me ,i became one of the best in Rwandan Highschools.And Jesus decide me to came abroad to study.What a wonderfull Love! To tell others the Wonderfullstory of Jusu is my Joice.

Think you.

God Does Heal...
by: Ameerah

Hi Jenny,
God is definitely in the healing business! It is great to hear your testimony of how God healed you. The fact that His Word still has healing power thousands of years later is amazing!

I agree with Ohiohillbilly, God can heal us in lots of different ways. That is why it is so important to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit so you can find out what God is speaking to you personally.

God Bless and Thank You So Much For Sharing!

by: ohiohillbilly

GOD uses many thing to heal including doctors. GOD HAS HEALED PEOPLE I KNOW WHEN ALL ELSE FAILED! the PSALMS are always a sourse of comfort and guidance as is all of HIS word. i had trouble sleeping for awhile, almost forever!, and a friend sent me to several passages in PSALMS and i still use them when i can't sleep; they help me give GOD control! my son got me a sign which says "when you go to bed at night give your troubles to GOD, HE will be up all night anyway!"
GOD can do anything! he also expects us to use common sense so if the pain continues please call your dr!
GOD uses many thing to heal including doctors.

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