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How Deep Are Your Roots?

by Kris
(Pearl, Ms)

We had some stormy weather last night. We had lots of gusty wind that sent loose branches into the streets. It was a decent storm, but nothing spectacular, so I was surprised to see one of our trees
uprooted when I got to work this morning. As a coworker and I were
walking to the building, I made some offhanded remark about not
realizing that the wind was strong enough last night to blow over a
tree. He said that the problem was not the wind, it was the
tree...more specifically, the tree’s roots. Then he gave me a crash
course in mulching.

Mulch has some definite benefits to trees, but for the most part is
used (at least here in the south) for cosmetic reasons...and to make
yard work easier. A nice big pile of mulch will make everything look
all nice and tidy. As an added bonus, mulching gives you a nice wide
radius around which to mow. However, mulch can also cause
serious structural problems for a tree. Among other things, it can cause roots to be shallow or to even grow into the mulch rather than into the ground. Once he explained this, he laughed and said “there’s a Sunday School lesson in there somewhere”.

Actually, this is a PERFECT example of another reason we miss out on living a victorious life in Christ Jesus. If we focus on changing our
behavior so that we look all nice and tidy rather than focusing on
allowing Christ to transform our lives, we don’t develop strong
spiritual “roots”. Everything looks fine on the surface, but, like a
tree, a Christian with “shallow roots” cannot withstand strong storms.

This is not a new problem. Consider Paul’s Prayer for the church at Ephesus:
I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power
to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. Ephesians 3:16-18

Think back to the toppled tree I talked about earlier... yesterday,
(pre-storm) the tree looked fine. The problem with the tree’s foundation was hidden...until a storm came through. Don’t stop
there...stay with me for just another minute...What happened to the tree? It fell over. Once the storm came, it was too late grow strong roots. Furthermore, no one protected the tree from the storm because it looked healthy; it did not seem to need protection.

Have you seen this same scenario play out in the life of a Christian?
I’ll give you an example of what it might look like:

Joe Christian is a regular in church. His wife and kids are involved as well. All in all, Joe Christian and his family are what most people think of when they think of a “good Christian family”.

Now add Charlotte Churchlady to the mix. She too goes to church
regularly and is a role model for younger women. Charlotte Churchlady is a picture-perfect example of a “good Christian woman”.

Although they both were pillars in their church, Charlotte and Joe have an affair. They were not spiritually strong enough to stand firm when Satan tempted them with lust... and they fell into adultery. Their families are torn apart. Their witness is shattered. Their church family is devastated. In these situations, everyone loses.

Most everyone is shocked when “Joe Christian” or “Charlotte Churchlady” fall. In most cases, this is because they “seem” to have it all together.

Scripture also addresses this...

In 1 Samuel 16:7, Scripture tells us that, “People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” Only the Lord can determine the condition of our hearts. This is not an easy assessment (or self-assessment) for us to make. It is important to spend time in God’s word and in prayer seeking to cultivate a deeper relationship with Him.

Consider the following...
Would you attend church, worship, pray, and behave as you do now if the ONLY one that noticed was God?
Would you attend church, worship, pray, and behave as you do now if you knew God definitely noticed?

Only you and God truly know the condition of your heart. Only you and your Creator know if your heart and life have been transformed or if you are just doing all the right things to hide shallow spiritual

Let’s pray.

Father God,
Thank you for the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank you for the freedom and victory that is mine in Christ Jesus. As I go
through each day, create a hunger and thirst in my heart for Your Word and a strong desire to spend time with You in prayer. Lord, I do not want to just act better, I want to BE better. I want my heart to be changed more and more into YOUR image. I want my spiritual roots to run DEEP into your love so that I will be able to stand tall and strong through the storms of life!

Until next time!

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Deep roots NEW
by: Son

I have entered into another very challenging and dark wave in my life and it has seemed so insurmountable. I’m nervous and scared about uncertainty ( bills, if I’m a good mom, whether i can even do this). In this story, I’m finding peace because I know my roots are strong and it’s these moments that I have the opportunity to dive deep into faith to carry me through. Blow wind blow...and pray I will.

Needing Fellowship
by: Joanna

As a caregiver, I am pretty isolated. I need fellowship and this seems like an opportunity to connect. I am happy to study with a pastor's wife who has a passion for the word of God. Sometimes I feel like I'm putting down roots with little opportunity to share.

How Deep Are Your Roots NEW
by: Jan

How deep are your root?

I have long for a bible class where we can discuss our problems that over take us in life.It might not be this storm but we all are in a storm and its good know that we can get forgiveness in Jesus Christ. I am in a big storm right now and I feel like there is no one who cares or understand me.This is the worst feeling in the world to feel all along in a storm:(

so true NEW
by: Anonymous

I recognize my own struggle in your tree analogy. I looked together and thought I had my life together and then the big storm of losing my job and my love relationship and also my darling cat. It toppled me for months and even now that I am stronger on the inside than before I am not thriving in the ways that are described in the Bible. Not yet. Thank you for this great message!

For Charlotte Churchlady NEW
by: kris

Oh Friend!
Remember this...
When Jesus died for you, He died for ALL your sin. If you believe in your heart that He is the Son of God, died for your sin, rose from the grave, and defeated death, and you submit to His Lordship, you can have forgiveness.
Remember that when God forgives you, He separates your sin as far as the east is from the west (and that's a straight line).
If you confess your sin, God is FAITHFUL to forgive you.
So the question is not whether or not Go can forgive you, it is whether or not you trust Him to.
Also remember this...HE is the Judge of your life, not you. To refuse to forgive yourself is to put yourself in HIS rightful place as ruler of your life.
Let God be God. Repent of your sin (confess and TURN AWAY FROM IT) and thank God for Sending JEsus Christ to die for those sins. Thank God for His FORGIVENSS, for HIs MERCY, and His GRACE.
If you are constantly being reminded of old sin, that is not from God, it is Satan's attempts to keep you held captive to your sin.

From Charlotte Churchlady NEW
by: Charlotte Churchlady

This sounds almost exactly like something that I just went through, the only difference being that the affair never made it to the physical, which I thank God for. I also don't have a husband or boyfriend that this could have hurt. However, because this happened and being shunned by the church, I have noticed that I can be bitter toward the people involved as well as now struggling spiritually. I know I need something from God /'d I need to grow deeper in God. I ask for His forgiveness and His help to grow deep roots in him. I'm a young Christian, 3 years ago accepted Him into my life with little background in Christianity until He saved me and I began going to church. This is the first ever church I have gone to.

Is there anything I can do to help forgive myself, to accept God'a love and forgiveness, and heal once and for all?

true ! NEW
by: Aracely

I love this study! my prayer everyday is that God to renew my strength. I am so loved and God has truly shown his love and grace towards me.
God Bless !!

So true NEW
by: Anonymous

New hear tonight. Just message I need. God bless. I'm going to love this study.

The Tree through the Storm NEW
by: Janey Tucker

Such a cleansing, reminding us to keep our feet firmly planted. Amen ....... Matthew 19:26

Encouraged NEW
by: Anonymous

I was scanning the sites for a bible study and came across yours. I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to read it. It was just what I needed to jump start me to re-evaluate my relationship with God and encouraged me to strengthen my spiritual roots in Christ.

Thank you for your post.


Great Post!- NEW
by: Anonymous

One more consideration-I was thinking about those in the Old Testament, whom God considered "friends". The faith they had was astounding. Keeping in mind, they lived at a time BEFORE Christ. Before all of the new testament. Think about the kind of faith they had. They hadn't heard of a detailed version of God's future plans for us, like we know today. These guys possessed a type of faith, that no one can ever mimic, b/c it's time (pre-new testament) has simply passed. Amazing.

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