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How God transformed my life

by Christyan McGriff
(Augusta,Ga. USA)

My name is Christyan and I was a 27 year old single parent of four children. I was never married until God blessed me with my husband. Now, I know that some of you may have a problem with what I am about to tell you, but you will have to seek God on it, also please thank him for my family and myself. Alright ladies, I was expecting my first child at age 17, by an older man, and I was convinced to have an abortion.

After that, I graduated high school and went on the military. I ended up expecting my second child within about 3 years of the first and get this, my second baby was due on the same day that my first child was due. The father of this child was married and I found out only after I disclosed to him that I was expecting and he told me that he did not love me and that he was married. You can guess how the rest ended up, but I prayed and asked for forgiveness from God. I later had a healthy, baby boy, and he was the joy of my life!

Before I had my son, I got a medical discharge from the military and went home to be with my mother. She became ill, but she was there for my whole pregnancy and until my son turned 10 months old, when she passed away. Now, get this, during this time, I met another man, and I thought God sent him to me because he was so charming, and handsome, and sweet, and he took care of my baby just like he was his biological father. I thought.. how awesome!

Well, about three months into the relationship, I found out he was a liar and a cheater and yet, I couldn't let it go. So we went on in the relationship which was filled with hurt and pain, but I began to depend on him while my mother was sick and so I became pregnant with my second son as the relationship progressed.

I had a healthy, second son, and I thanked God for him. This man, who is the father of the second baby was happy about our son and for a while, we had good times throughout the relationship until him and my father got into an argument about the second son. After the argument, things between he and I were rocky.. after a lot of lies and deception, I found out that he had gotten another woman pregnant and he was leaving my house and going to her house and vice versa, this went on for about two years after. Mind you, my father told me that this man was not who God intended for me to have because he was taking advantage of me because I was young, attractive, and vulnerable, but I would not listen to my dad. I had also gone to church and received a prophecy and it revealed that the lord wanted me to turn from this situation and never look back because it would only cause more grief and pain. You know I did not listen right.

So anyhow, I began confiding in a supervisor at work about my heart break and he listened to me for hours and hours and finally, I began to to develop intimate feelings for him, and you know he was older and also married. About 8 months after the start of this relationship, I became pregnant with my third son.

So here I am again, with three children, three different fathers, and 2 of the fathers are married and 1 of the fathers is emotionally unavailable.

Once I became pregnant, I told both men, and so that meant I had to confess to cheating on the second son's father, you can imagine how both situations went. The married man told me he wanted nothing to do with me and the second son's father said I was every name in the book except for a child of God!

Nevertheless we made up and the second son's father tried to be there for me, but with that much damage to the relationship, it just could not be so.

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