my attitudes, forgiveness of myself and others, more time with God, loving God, myself and others with the help of the Holy Spirit c2-head***

my attitudes, forgiveness of myself and others, more time with God, loving God, myself and others with the help of the Holy Spirit

by Cherlyn

First and foremost I want to love and forgive as Jesus said to with the help of the Holy Spirit. There are a lot of issues from my past which need to be forgiven and let go of so that I can move on with my life . No one is worth coming in between me and my walk with the Lord and unforgiveness is an area that I need help and by faith in Jesus I know I can do it.

Also I want to learn to truly love - without motivation - but love like Jesus commanded us to do. I want loving thoughts, words and deeds - because that's who I am - not pretending to be it.

I also want to let go of the mourning over the murder of my son and to truly forgive the people who did this - the Lord said He would give me beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning - but I've got to give him the ashes and the mourning - to receive what He has for me.

Also I want new and better attitudes - I want to have a clean heart a right and good spirit - the Holy Spirit dwelling in me - that I may be a light and blessing for others.

I want people to be glad when I walk in a room - not sad. I want a revival in the Lord and to understand His will and divine destiny for my life.

I want peaceful and loving and spiritual relationships and I know that I have to be that person inside.

I want God to take priority in my life again - not the murder of my son or what other did or didn't do for me.

To not be so easily offended and to be free from depression.

Divine revelation from the Word of God - not book interpretation

To be a blessing wherever I go for the Glory of God.

To be a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He may be glorified and a Proverb 31 woman - filled with a mouth of wisdom and a tongue of kindness.

I intend to do these things by actively staying the in the Word of God, praying and seeking God's guidance and understanding, determined to humble myself and allow God to take control of my life.

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