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Praise GOD!

by Sharon

Your sister in Christ !

Your sister in Christ !

I have soooo many issues too and I feel a connection to you somehow! I have to go back home to Jamaica next week and due to the fact that I am plagued with social anxiety and paranoia,I dread the day.
I was on my knees this morning,telling God how hopeless,empty and fearful I feel and was wondering what to do. It seems like even though I WANT and NEED to please Him, by speaking words of faith and to be a praiser, ooooohhhh how I long to be praiser, I keep thinking, saying and doing the wrong thing.
I even bought a phone card and called my doctor(Psychiatrist)to make an appointment to see him next Monday. Even though,the medications give me terrible side-effects, I thought to myself, "after the side effects have worn off then I won't sin so much by thinking negative thoughts."
On searching for topics on the Holy Spirit on google,I saw your site and hope and pray that my search for assistance, friendship, accountability and spiritual growth has finally ended here and that I will be the strong woman of God,He created me to be,for such a time as this!

God bless you Ameerah and I can't wait to hear from you,sister.

In Christ,

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Hi Sharon!
by: Ameerah

Sharon, you know your message really touched my heart!

You may have read the lessons on Christian Depression where I talked about my own battle with anxiety, depression, and mental attacks.

I can not say I know exactly what you are going through, because we each have our own battles, but I can definitely relate to the guilt that comes with being constantly bombarded with negative thoughts. There were times when my husband was scared to leave me alone for fear that I would harm myself. I felt so fearful and so lost.

Then, I would beat myself up for not having the strength to withstand the attacks. I felt like I was failing as a Christian.

But, I was not. I was under a spiritual and mental attack. Being under an attack is not a sin, and you can not let Satan use this attack to make you feel like a bad Christian.

Your Heavenly Father loves you Sharon, and it hurts Him to watch what you are going through right now. Your pain touches His very heart, just like the pain of any child touches the heart of a loving parent.

Sharon, I really pray that this website can be a blessing to you. I pray that God will send His Holy Spirit to abide with you as you read the lessons and that He will be able to use the resources here to begin restoring you.

I believe that God can do it. He has been able to do it for me, and I know He can do it for you too.

Just keep seeking Him, and He will guide you.

Here are a few lessons on the site that I really think will be a blessing to you.

War Against Christian Depression

Fear Bible Study-
What is fear?

Armor of God Printable Prayer Journal

I pray that these resources help you Sharon.

Feel free to drop me a note whenever you need to! Just come back to this post, and leave your message in the comments section. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

God Bless!

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