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Kicking and Screaming Into Submission :)
by: Nichole

This was a rude awakening that I have needed for quite some time !! Growing up I was never taught submission. My mom was a single mom as was her mom. I looked at women who depended on their husbands as weak. My motto was always no man will ever "keep" me. I was proud of my independance. Then I met my husband and ended up moving to Canada to be with him. For the first two years I was not allowed to work here. I was soley dependant on him. MY WORST NIGHTMARE It was not funny at all at that time though. Not just financially was I dependant on him but for pretty much everything. I had no friends, no family, nothing but him and God. Man did we have some fights. I was drug down the road of submissive kicking and screaming lol. Looking back though I can see how God used that time to begin to refine me into the wife He knew I can be. Although this reformed feminist still has a good sense of self I have: through the years, began to learn how freeing submission to God and my husband really is. I do still struggle greatly with recieving correction. I get so angry when my husband points out something I need to work on. I have never really looked at it from the point of view that he is "correcting" me. I get deffensive and assume he is saying "your not good enough". This has brought about many arguments in our home. I am so greatful for this devotion for giving me another perception. My husband is saved but that is about as far as it goes. I get so frustrated when I do see him get fired up about the Lord like I am. I pray that maybe one day through seeing my devotion and love to our Lord and him that he will find that fire that I have.

struggled with correction
by: jm

I have really struggled with correction as it was not something I was taught to receive when younger, I am only just starting to understand how important it can be, and this has really helped me to understand it a lot better.
so thank you so much for sharing it.
I know that unless we can accept correction we cannot truly grow, or that it will take a lot longer for us to be able to do so.
when people have tried to correct me in the past I have fought it feeling as if they are just trying to change who I am and where I come from, even though this really isn't the case, they try to correct me out of love, because they worry for me and are concerned for me.
I think sometimes correction is from the wrong people people who are trying to do harm rather than good, I guess the key is to step back and ask yourself is this right and if in doubt pray for gods guidance.
but thanks to this post I will definitely be trying harder to receive all things in my life not just the things that I enjoy receiving thank you Annette I really appreciate your posts love and hugs JM

Being on the recieving End
by: Samantha

Honestly, I am excited about recieving from the Lord, even correction. This is only because of His grace. I believe God has put people in my life to correct me. For sure I know that God loves me and although the truth hurts at times because He speaks the truth in love grace abounds. He doesnt leave me feeling condemn and thats how I know it is from Him through others. When others ridicule me and accuse me falsely even hinting at issues I know I struggle with, I dont recieve it because I know I have already laid that on the altar and I see God maturing me. I must be careful not to play into the enemy's trap while he is standing by God's throne and sending fiery thoughts of accusations day and night. I pray for us in the body of Christ to yield to God and recieve all He has for us because it is nothing but blessings when it comes from God even correction is a blessing. Please help us Lord.

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