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Sarah Bible Study

by Tracy J.
(Lake City, FL USA)

In our Sarah Bible study, we talked about how Sarah's imperfections did not ultimately define her destiny.

Here is Tracy's response to our Bible study on Sarah...

1. Have you ever caught yourself beginning to blame God for a particular situation? If so, why?

I have blamed him for letting me do all the stupid things I have done in the last couple of years, I figured if I was not to do it, He should have stopped me.

2. What do you think the significance was of God changing Sarai's name to Sarah?

I think God changed her name because she was special to God and he wanted her to know that she was his princess and she needed to be patient.

3. Were you surprise by Sarah's imperfections? Why do you think God never glosses over people's missteps in the Bible?

I was very surprised by Sarah's imperfections. God does not gloss over peoples mishaps in the Bible because in each mishap there is a lesson to learn.

4. Like the women in the Bible, what spiritual legacy would you like to leave for the future generations of women in your family?

I hope to leave my family especially my daughters, that no matter what you do in your life, once you have accepted Jesus in your heart you will never be taken from His hand. God forgives and we have to forgive ourselves, because if we don't, we are saying we are better than God.

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