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Strong Christian Marriage

by LaWanda D. Cook
(Glen Burnie Md USA)

This Bible study notebook chronicles LaWanda's Bible Study on building a strong Christian marriage.

About Me...
I am 39 years old, married and the mother of four. My husband and I own and operate No Walls Productions, LLC which is a Christian company established in 2003. Brian's negative experiences in the music field inspired him to create an avenue for artist like himself to record at affordable rates and without the dishonesty, hassles, and politics of the industry. We also have a passion for Pastors and Leaders and have established an Award to honor those leaders that are changing and impacting lives within our communities and homes. This is the Kingdom Ambassador Awards.

Date of Entry: March 3, 2008

Scripture(s):Proverbs 23:7 and Genesis 2:24

My Thoughts...
Marriage is honorable in the sight of the Lord. It was established by God when he created and presented Eve to Adam. However, over the years, the sanctity and requirements of what God ordained as marriage has been twisted and tainted. I have heard countless times over the years that marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper. Unfortunately, that is exactly what married couples have treated their marriage as; something that can be trashed or erased as if it never existed. But just like a piece of paper, after it has been written on, you can try to erase it, but there is always some residue or evidence that something was there. Marriage is so much more than a piece of paper. Proverbs 23:7 says- For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he… This holds true in many cases, even in our thoughts on marriage.

Marriage is not a ceremony, it's not a party, and it's not something to do to pass the time away. Marriage is definitely not a green light just to have sex. Marriage is a sacred covenant; a blood covenant. A covenant is the most binding commitment that one can make with another person. This covenant was established between God, one man and one woman in whom God makes certain promises and requires certain behavior from them in return. This is a blood covenant because God gave women a hymen whereas it is to be broken in the first act of intercourse. In the breaking of this hymen there is the discharge of blood. Therefore, the Lord established marriage as a blood covenant.
In today's society, marriage is no longer considered a blood covenant between one man and one woman, but it is a ceremony between two people regardless of gender, to declare their terms of endearment. So I ask the questions, what's next? What do we have to look forward to in marriage? What is the difference between a heterosexual marriage and a homosexual marriage? There is an answer.

Genesis 2:24 tell us; therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh. There is a dimension in sacred marriages that God wants to take true Christian couples to. It's the state of a "cleaved union". Cleaved is identified as bonding together or sticking to someone in fondness and devotion. I like to think that the word cleave derived from the words can't leave. To cleave means much more than physically leaving your family and moving to another residence to share with your spouse. Oftentimes, we leave physically, but remain emotionally attached. When we truly understand and operate in the mindset of joining with our spouse and becoming one with them, it is only then that we can begin to allow God to take us to this dynamic dimension in our God honored marriages.

As you ponder on what has been written thus far, I want you to think about your marriage and your relationship with your spouse. Examine whether or not you have detached yourselves physically and emotionally from your families. Also, think about your relationship with God and His role in your marriage.

Questions it brought to my mind...
What do we have to look forward to in marriage? What is the difference between a heterosexual marriage and a homosexual marriage?

My closing prayer...
Father, as we explore what you have ordained and created for your people and the marriages that you have approved and honored, we ask that you first search our hearts. Search and examine our motives for entering into our marriages. Help us to be honest with ourselves as we deal with those motives and also help us to acknowledge that you know all things. Help us to determine if we are living according to and up to your standards and expectations. Help us to recognize if we are being honest with our spouses and giving them the best of ourselves. If we are lacking in any way or misguided in any thoughts, create a new and right spirit within us. For your word declares in Romans be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of our minds, that we may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of you. We thank you in advance and declare in done in the name of your son, our savior himself, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Dec 18, 2015
Cleave NEW
by: Brenda

Yes, "can't leave" is a good definition for cleave. I agree that separation is what causes many marriages to fall apart. When the couple prefers to be away from each other, it's a bad sign and possibly a symptom of coming apart altogether.

Thank you for writing this. It's much-needed.

Mar 28, 2015
God ordained marriages NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks, for the insight, and revelation that you shared regarding this subject. You have given me an answer to share with others. I have tried to explain to others that marriage is more than a piece of paper,but that it is ordained by God, from the being of time as he wants us to know it.
I fully enjoyed this post, awaiting for more of your wisdom drops from above. Be Blessed!

Feb 04, 2015
Marriage NEW
by: Katherine G

Wow! You are so right. Thanks for reminding us that marriage is not just a piece of paper. You wrote the TRUTH.

Jan 02, 2013
Excellent NEW
by: Cynthia R.

This expression of marriage is beautiful. I have always believed that marriage is sacred between a man and a woman. This sister expounded on things that I did not get the definition of before such a cleave. I am a Christian woman twice divorced. That is an area that I know that a lot of Christians frown upon but I would like to share what the Lord has given to me. Maybe that will be my test palette for writing for your company. God always meant for the union of man and woman to reflect the church. Ephesians the 5th and 6th chapters gives Christian's the blueprint for having a successful marriage and home relationship. If the husband is letting Christ be his head, and loving his wife as he loves his own body and as Christ's loves the church then the proper order will fall into place where the woman is honoring and reverencing her husband and then the children will fall into obedience to the parents. My excerpt will be on being unevenly yoked.

I thank and praise God for using you as a vessel to speak on marriage as being a sacred institution. Stay blessed sister and keeping letting God's Spirit flow in your writing.

Aug 22, 2011
God's Ways
by: Ann

Thank you for sharing truth.

Jul 23, 2011
In Agreement
by: Renee

It amazes me,How people are taking marriages as a casual thing.If people would take the time and realize how important marriages are, we may start seeing a positive difference.The first thing we need to do is educate our peoples.Let them know that this is not a back and fourth game like tennis.We need to do our part and let people know that marriages are for better or worse unless, There is violence or abuse taking place.A lot of people are getting into marriage without a clue of the responsibility that marriage bring.I also think it is very very important to seek out christian counseling.

May 13, 2008
by: totallylib

I thank God for others who are sharing what God intended for marriage. In 1994, God gave me the privilege to write on the subject of marriage in a book entitled, Becoming Intimately One. Lawanda and I share many of the same thoughts. When my own marriage came under fire, I became very concerned and I asked the Holy Spirit is this what God intended. You ordained this type of union and it is no different than the world's image and often many of them have better relationships with their spouse than we do, so what is the deal. When I stopped questioning God for my questions were back to back, probably without me taking a breath in between, then the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. So I'm really greatful to know that there are some people who really believe God's word.

God Bless You.

Mar 19, 2008
Strong Christian Marriage -reply
by: Rheann

That's one of the biggest problems with society...we're not taught that our commitments are to be taken seriously and binding....everyone wants instant gratification. And if it doesn't satisfy their current needs, then throw it away, even when the "it" is their wife or husband, and sadly sometimes their own flesh and blood, their children. I walk through this life and I try to love everyone, but sooo many people will get mad at me and stay mad at me because I can't be there to satisfy their every wish and need. I will do all I can for everyone, but I work, have a husband and have three kids of my own to raise, including all I do for my church. But people don't want to consider that and have any common understanding for each other. DO for ME right NOW! oh heavens, isn't that another topic, lol!

Yes we need to take marriage more seriously, and realize we need each other to get through this life and live in peace as friends with each other, but also to keep other friends too!!! We need true FRIENDS! not just people in our lives!

Your study really touched me, thanks for the blessing!

Mar 18, 2008
She's Not Finished!
by: Ameerah

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted everyone who really enjoyed LaWanda's article to know that she has agreed to bless us and do a monthly article on Christian marriage exclusively for us here at The Hem!

Here is the link to the Couple's Bible Study she will be leading:

I am so excited! I know that her insights and godly wisdom will be a huge blessing to us all!

God Bless!

Mar 15, 2008
What a Blessing
by: Robyn Priest

What a great article. I will make sure I share this with others. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I'm sure this will be a blessing to many many people.


Mar 07, 2008
excellent work and writing
by: Anonymous

thank you for these comments on marriage and telling us about your ministry! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND AS YOU DO HIS WORK AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS!

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