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The Definition of Faith: The Key to Divine Encouragement

by Minister Marlene Taylor
(New York, USA)

The definition of faith found in Hebrews 11, verse one gives the most important key on how you can remain divinely encouraged. Do you struggle with believing God's promises for your life? When trouble hits do you find it hard to feel encouraged? If you answered yes, be encouraged today!

It's not uncommon for Christians to struggle with faith when the going gets tough. You and I both, have had the same struggles.

I have very good news for you today! You see, the definition of faith found in the book of Hebrews, explains exactly what faith is and how you can harness it. Once you understand the complete definition of faith, you'll be well on your way to believing every single one of God's promises for your life.

If you need an anchor to steady you as storms hit, faith is that anchor. We always hear that we should stay faithful because God is not a liar. He will work all things out. Perhaps his answer may not be what we wanted or expected, but it will be God's best.

All right then! What is the definition of faith,and how can we get the divine encouragement we need,when life throws us a curve ball? Let's take a closer look at Hebrews 11: 1...

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Stop for a moment and meditate on the above verse. In this one verse, we find a major key to the definition of faith. There are two words I want you to focus on. In order to get a good definition of powerhouse faith, concentrate on the words " now " and " substance ".

Did you stop for a moment? I pray you did. Consider the word " now ". Do you have " now " faith? Do you have faith in God right " now "? Do you walk in faith right now? Sometimes when all is well in our life, we may spend less time building our faith. Sometimes we draw closer to God when trouble comes.

When trouble hits we may scramble to build up our faith. Suddenly, we're reading the Bible like never before. Suddenly we're praying like never before. Yet, we can know from the definition of faith in Hebrews 11:1, that faith is " now ". What do I mean by that? Faith is not just for when things get rough and tough.

We should always attend to building up a reserve of strong faith. Faith is "now " and should always be present. The first definition of faith is this: have faith in God- now. Draw closer to God- now. Spend more time with God- now. When you practice doing this your faith reserves will always be full.

I remember my own struggles with faith in the past. I couldn't really understand what faith was and how it worked. Finally, I decided that I needed to study and find out exactly what faith was. When I struggled with depression and couldn't control emotionalism, I knew I needed to get a working definition of faith.

In those days of clinical depression the smallest upset sent me to worrying. I studied the verses mentioned and began to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you know which word in Hebrews 11:1 gave me the best definition of faith? Can you guess?

That question may stump you, but when I tell you what the word is you'll understand. The second definition of faith that holds the key to you remaining encouraged in Christ, is the word " substance ".

Faith is a substance. A substance, in the natural world is something you can see. A substance in the spiritual realm is not seen. Yet, it exists.

Bingo! Faith is this substance we can't see but it does exist. In other words, we can't get faith on our own. No matter how many pep talks we give ourselves,we will never get divine faith. That faith substance is hidden in the word of God.

Faith in God is what keeps us encouraged.
We can't get strong faith with motivational sayings and pep talks. Why? Because the " substance " that is faith, is found only in God's word, not in mans words.

There is a heavenly substance embedded in the word of God, that we all need. The only way we can get this " faith substance " is by reading, studying and meditating on every word that falls from God's mouth.

I had a major problem with worry, stress and depression, until I understood the definition of faith. I would get by myself and worry until the cows came home. Instead of rushing to the word of God to feed on that glorious " faith substance", I fed myself negative thoughts. I didn't know how faith comes.

There's one last scripture that ties this lesson up in a bow. Let's look at a third definition of faith found in Romans 10:17. Let's look at Romans 10:17(KJV)...

Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Ah! the encouragement we always need and the " now" faith comes from hearing God's word. The " substance" that is faith only comes when you and I hear God's word.

When I used to worry all day, I was wasting time and feeding myself a real bad " substance ".

I needed to hear what God had to say. I needed to get encouragement from God, through Christ.

When I was lost in worry and suffering from clinical depression, I needed to open my Bible and meditate on what Christ promises the believer.

I needed to hear from the throne room of God through Christ. I needed to replace worry with God thoughts of hope and his promises for my future.

I want to encourage you today to meditate on the definition of faith I just shared from Hebrews 11. Let the verse settle in your thoughts. Hear the words as they play in your mind as you read. Give God a chance to make the verse come alive in you.

Then from now on, spend even more quality time building your faith reserves, by meditating and studying God's word. Don't wait till troubles hit. Draw closer to the Father every single day.

Get yourself a book of God's promises and study up. This way, when troubles comes, God's encouraging verses will automatically well up in you. If you fill up your faith bank your faith will never be depleted.

Why not start right now? What is your favorite scripture? What scripture holds a special meaning for you and why? Think on that special scripture. Share that scripture, right here at the Hem, and tell the world why it's so meaningful to you.

There's someone who needs a word of encouragement. You can be that person who brings a message from the Lord. Sharing scripture is good practice and a blessing to others.

I myself, would love to hear which of God's divine verses are dear to you. Please share below and don't forget to return here. You might just read a wonderful testimony of how your comment helped someone else.

Until we meet again, remember you are blessed to be a blessing...

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Divine encouragement NEW
by: Anonymous

My favorite scripture verse!
And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose!

Divine encouragement NEW
by: Anonymous

My favorite scripture verse!
And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose!

He that began a good work in me....
by: Valerie

Philippians 1:6 Is my favorite verse and my favorite promise of God. One morning I was feeling so depleted in faith and the Lord woke me up to encourage me with this verse. It helped me to see and understand that it is HE that began this good work in me and HE will complete it even until the day of Christ. Sometimes we can get so self absorbed that we forget that Jesus Christ has called and saved us and this is HIS work to be completed and perfected by HIM, not ourselves. I pray this will encourage someone else as much as it encourages me. Thank you for this wonderful piece on faith Marlene. It is truly a blessing!
Valerie AKA Daughteroftzion :)

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