To Be Led by the Spirit and not the flesh. c2-head***

To Be Led by the Spirit and not the flesh.

by Donna

To commit to starting my day in study, intercession and reflection. To give God my first fruits of the day by carving out that first hour of my morning in prayer, bible study and worship. To discern more effectively. Do I want or need this or do I act in this way because I feel like it or am I being led by the spirit. To be accountable for every word that comes out of my mouth. Is it truth or just talk? To be an example for my children and grandchildren in putting God first in all things. To control my temper and begin to act out the fruits of the spirit not just study them. To become more aware of how I spend my time, is it contributing to the plan God has for me or is it mindless entertainment. To become more grateful. Seeing things through the spirit of gratitude changes everything. So, I have asked my someone near to me to hold me accountable. Now I am making this public statement and every morning I will reflect on how the day before went, and what can I do this day to improve.

Thank you so much for being a light in the dark and providing an avenue to post and share.

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