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Using Halloween to Witness

by Adam
(Bentonville, AR)

I am a Christian who has always loved to, while not "celebrate," at least have fun on Halloween. One year, I even spent a month working in a local haunted house. I would love to continue doing this, but I also want to turn my actions towards what God would have me do. I have come up with the idea that I could do a haunted house, but halfway through, it could turn into a judgment house. For those who don't know what a judgment house is, it is a walk-through attraction that shows the results of both accepting and denying Christ (Heaven and hell). If I did this, but only advertised the haunted house, I could attract those people who would never even think about setting foot in a church with the haunted house, and then they might have a good reaction to the judgment house part. If not, at the very least I could give the money we make to the church. What I'm wondering is if this is a good idea. Should a Christian go to lengths like this to reach to unsaved?

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Interesting Idea
by: Ameerah

Hi Adam,

Ameerah here from The Hem Bible Studies.

This is a very interesting idea. As a Christian, what to do about Halloween can often be a challenge.

First off, we as Christians should go through any lengths God puts on our hearts to bring His lost children home to Him. And, I believe that is one of the keys here - do you feel in your heart that God has called you to do this? If so, no idea is too outlandish. Or could this possibly be your way of trying to not miss out on something you love to do by changing it *just enough* to justify still doing it. I obviously can't answer that question one way or another because only you know your heart and of course your heart is what God is ultimately interested in.

Like I said, if He is really leading you to this, then it will win many souls for Him. If not, I believe it has the power to push many souls further away.

That may sound crazy, but "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Tim 1:7) So, when we use fear to try to draw people to God, it often backfires. I've found that people respond more to learning of God's love for them than to learning about heaven and hell. It is God's love that never fails, and it is that transformational love that draws people into intimate relationship with Him and out of sin.

Also, we must be careful not to make people feel like we are trying to trick them or lure them somewhere on false pretenses. That can be seen as being dishonest.

Of course God can guide you in overcoming all of the objections that I listed here. If it is His idea, He already has a plan and a way to use this to draw more people to Him.

I think this is really something that you need to personally pray about. Because it has to do with souls for His Kingdom, I think God definitely has to have the final say on this. Only He truly knows what will draw people towards Him and what would push them further away.

God Bless!
Ameerah Lewis
Hem of His Garment Bible Study Online
Helping You Connect to God Through His Word

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