What was I missing? c2-head***

What was I missing?

by James Vasquez
(Jackson, MI.)

I have been brought up in a Catholic family, my parents from Mexico, and I was raised in a small town in Michigan. When I was younger I talked to God asking him to appear before me, or, send an angel that I could see, so I would have proof of such an existence and power. I became disillusioned when nothing appeared and I began to wonder, if at all, he was real. I have many stories that are a testimony to proof that I have remained on this earth for a reason. My favorite one to tell is the night I left a party at a gravel pit outside of Eaton Rapids on the back of a friend's motorcycle. We had both been intoxicated and were only a half mile away from his house. We decided to take a long way around a four mile square in the opposite direction. We came to a curve in the road moving at an accelerated speed when he lost control of the motorcycle and we began sliding along the pavement.

When it all stopped, I got up to see my friend and the bike in the middle of the road. I helped my friend to his feet and got him to the shoulder, then picked up his motorcycle and took it to where he was standing. We were getting our bearings together when a car came speeding around the same corner. The car slid into the side of the motorcycle, pushing it into the two of us. My friend flew forward over the handlebars back into the road and I found myself sailing into the air backwards into the median filled with weeds and tall grass. All I saw was my shoes against the midnight sky. As I was in flight, it seemed to be in slow motion and I found myself having time to think if I would crash into a boulder or logs and break my back? I had no clue as to what could have been there.
As I descended to the ground, I felt a softness at my back, as if a cloud appeared and laid me gradually onto the ground with no more hurt coming to me. I often wonder if at that time God, or an angel that was sent, finally appeared. My thoughts didn't revert to that younger time until now. I sing n a Heavy Metal band and my drummer asked me if I wanted to start a Christian Metal band with he and a mutual friend, who ironically, is blind and one of the best guitar players I have ever performed with. This is why I came to an online Bible study group. To find out more of God that I may be or may have been missing. I was kept around for a reason and here I am seeking the reason.

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To awaken NEW
by: Anonymous

I wonder if your realization filled your heart with faith, to know God is with us and He has plans for each of us and when our hearts are not on Him and we are walking the wrong path He does and will shake us that we may acknowledge and value His love above all.

God gets the glory in all things NEW
by: Doris

I do believe before acknowledging any one individual we must first acknowledge God. It is because of Him that the good come out of any situation. No one person or any number of people can do what God can do. He gets all the glory in any and every situation, in any and all times.
When God has a purpose for your life and you're unconvinced because He has not fully disclosed Himself to you, He will allow a situation to occur to convince you of His divine presence in your life as He did for the young man on the motorcycle.

glory NEW
by: Jomoso

that had to be a very scary feeling! God works and it's evident but I'm also seeking contact of my own an patience is key.

That moment when you have no control NEW
by: Mercy

I enjoyed reading this man's true life story. What stood out for me was the point at which he was flying through the air and had absolutely no control over his body, where he will land or whether he will die or not. Maybe many readers can relate to that if they ever were in a car out of control hitting black ice or even falling off a ladder. You can't even freeze. In such a moment one may have their wits about them to call out to God, even to say "Thank you." I say this because I would like to remember my Creator with gratitude at times I could choose fear instead.

the grate spell caster NEW
by: ROSE

I want to thank God for using dr Ashra as my source of saviour after 2year of joblessness and my lover left me alone for 2 years,Have just been heart broken until i went in contact with dr Ashra after i saw a ladies testimony on how she was helped by this same dr Ashra,So i decided to get in contact with him and when i told him all my problems he laughed and said this is not a problem that everything will be ok within 3days.Exactly the 3rd day my ex lover called me and i was shocked and what baffled me the most was that a company i applied for over 4month called me and said i should resume work as soon as possible.Am so grateful to dr. Ashra...
You can email him on: Drashratempleofsolution@gmail.com..

Rose Gustavo

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