Isel Needs Christian Depression help c2-head***

Isel Needs Christian Depression help

by Isel

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depression NEW
by: Anonymous

I. Am very depressed but will be
Seeing doc on monday I have given
Up hope

depression NEW
by: Anonymous

I. Am very depressed but will be
Seeing doc on monday I have given
Up hope

head injuries that leads to major depression
by: hondo

In 1991 I was in an accident that lead to major depression I was put on medication and had theapy from which I went into remission after a while than in 1999 I got hit in the head at work in the same place as I did in 1991 that lead to another major depression in which after more thearpy and medication and lots of praying and prayers I went into remission again Praise the Lord!!! than about a month ago out of nowhere I got a real bad migrain headache and blacked out and was taken to the emergency room and when I came out of it and was sent home after a few days I started to sink into another major depression which I am getting help again now I'm not questioning God why this has happened again but it is really testing my faith and I am really in the need for lots of prayers because right now my mind seems to be reliving every bad memory I have had in my life so I guess what I'm asking for is lots of prayers to beat this illness again Thank-you and GOD BLESS

I am praying for you...
by: Ameerah

Hi Isel,

I want you to know that I am praying for you. I pray that God would send His Holy Spirit to be with you and to be your peace. I rebuke the demonic spirit of depression right now in the name of Jesus. At the name of Jesus every knee has to bow, and depression is included in that. So, in the name of Jesus, I command any spirit of depression that was tormenting Isel to release this child of God right now! You have no authority here - Jesus and His blood have the authority! Go now, and don't come back in Jesus name!

I am sure that you have probably already looked through the Waging War against Christian Depression Bible study. I would encourage you to print out the scriptures the Bible Scriptures for Christian Depression help and start saying them out loud. When you read those scriptures, you aren't just talking to yourself, you are talking to God and to the devil and his henchmen. The more you don't want to read them, the more you must force yourself to read them. The reason it seems hard to read the scriptures (you may even hear a voice saying it is useless to do it), is because Satan knows the power in those scriptures. He knows that they will destroy the yoke that he is trying to put on you and break you loose from that stronghold. His only defense is to convince you not to do it.

I would also recommend that you find some Christian worship music to put on. I have a short youtube worship video that you can put on for now. You can find it here:Worship Video

I would not allow there to be a moment of silence. Get some praise and worship music on so that God's presence will begin to fill where you are.

If you are alone, I would try to find a Christian friend that you can call. You do not even have to tell them what is going on if you do not want to. Just talking to another person can help.

If you are feeling suicidal, you may want to contact your doctor. There could be an issue with your meds that needs to be addressed.

I will continue to pray for you. I you would like more prayer, you can submit a prayer request to the prayer corner.

God Bless,

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