Four Fun Christian Halloween Alternatives!
Fun Activities for the Whole Family!

Christian Halloween Alternatives-PumpkinLooking for Christian Halloween Alternatives and Activities for you children? You have definitely come to the right place.

Whether we like it or not, Halloween comes around every year. Instead of hiding out in your home and wishing it would go away, why not start creating your own Fall Family Traditions?

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Four Family Fun Christian Halloween Alternatives!

  1. Throw A Kingdom Kids Party! While Halloween celebrates death and demonic spirits, why not throw a party for your kids celebrating life and the King of Kings!

    Traditionally, many churches throw Harvest parties each year as a safe alternative to Halloween. But, with princesses and knights being such a huge fad, why not do something a little different? Here are some optional activities:

    • Decorate your house with white Christmas lights instead of the traditional scary Halloween decorations.
    • Have parents come with their kids instead of dropping them off. Make it a family event!
    • Have a costume contest! Allow kids to dress up as Bible heroes, knights, princesses, veggie tales, Bible man characters, or other positive characters.
    • Have face painting.
    • Roast Hot Dogs and marshmallows.
    • Tell Bible Stories instead of the traditional scary stories.
    • Have crafts and coloring sheets.
    • Make It A Praise Party!
      • Make Praise Banners by tying ribbons to colored sticks.
      • Play kid's praise music, and let them dance and play.
    Click here to download a free Kingdom Kids Party Invitation!
  2. Make Witnessing Your family's Christian Halloween Alternative! Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you to teach your children how to share their faith in a fun way! There are several ways that you can do this. I will just give one example.
    • Print the free Witnessing Stickers available here.
    • Let your children select the candy they would like to decorate.
    • Sit down as a family and add the stickers to candy. Make it an event! Have hot cider or cookies and play a bit of praise music to set the atmosphere.
    • Buy or make Bible Hero costumes to dress up in.
    • As Trick-or-Treaters come by, greet them in your costumes as a family, and let your kids give them the candy wrapped in the witnessing stickers.

    Christian Halloween Alternatives - Clip-art trick or treating

  3. It’s Better to Give Than Receive
    If your kids are just determined to go door to door on October 31st, do something a bit different.
    • Dress up as Bible Heroes
    • Politely refuse any candy offered to you.
    • Instead, give out candy wrapped in the witnessing stickers to every home that you visit.
  4. Make Playing Dress-Up A Regular Event! One reason so many children get excited about Halloween is because they get to play dress-up. Every one they meet makes a huge fuss over how they look in their fun costumes. Instead, give your kids a chance to use their imagination all year round!
    • Surprise your 3-6 year old by bringing home a few dress-up outfits that you know they will love.
    • Let them wear the costumes around the house whenever they want. If you are brave – Let them leave the house in it every once in a while lol!
    • Make their dress-up time a big deal. Take pictures of them and maybe even join in on the fun yourself.

    If you do this leading up to Halloween, it will not seem like such a huge treat to play dress up. I have personally seen this in action.

I hope that these Christian Halloween alternatives spark your creativity. Don’t forget to take the time and explain to you kids why we do NOT celebrate Halloween. When you explain your godly decisions, it helps them to make more on their own in the future.

For a bit of help explaining the dangers of the tradition, use our Halloween Bible Lesson.

Share Your Christian Halloween Alternatives!

Did you try out any of these fun alternative activities? Do you have a Christian Halloween Alternative of your own?  Do Tell...

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