Is Christian Nutrition the Missing Piece
Of Your Christian Healing Puzzle?

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, 
that shall he also reap. ~ Galatians 6:7

Christian Nutrition - Woman holding an AppleHave you been seeking God for healing, but haven't seen it manifest in your body?

Christian nutrition may be what you need to open the door for God to restore you and make you whole!

In your journey to receive your Christian healing, it is easy to forget a very important fact:
In order to walk in true divine health, you have to consider every part of yourself - Your spirit, you soul, and your body.

Though it sounds very simple, it is a fact too often overlooked.  

Healing is most successfully obtained when you fight for it in both the spiritual and natural realms.  

Of course, learning how to fight for your healing in the spiritual realm is the most important. But, Christian nutrition is the key to fighting for your blood bought right to divine health here in the natural realm.

What You're Eating Can Steal Your Healing!

I once heard a Christian doctor named Don Colbert say something very profound.  

He was serving in a healing ministry, and would watch tons of sick Christians come up for prayer.  But, over time, he noticed many of them returning to the alter again and again.  They were not receiving their healing!

When Dr. Colbert's sought God to find out why so many Christians were not receiving their healing, He began to show him something. Once those Christians finished praying for a touch from the Lord, he saw them outside the church, eating and drinking things that were tearing down their temples.  

Without their knowledge, they were undoing the very healing that God was working in their bodies.  And yet, they had no idea why they were not receiving their restoration.

As someone battling for my own health, hearing this really woke me up to the importance of Christian nutrition! I had  been to healing services, memorized scriptures, and done everything else  on my Christian healing to-do list.  But, I had never stopped to think about doing battle in the natural realm too.  

As I heard Colbert say this, I could tell that the Lord was talking directly to me.

Using his background as a medical doctor for the good of the kingdom, Colbert now has an entire Christian nutrition ministry based on the many truths that God has shown him in regards to health and healing. 

In his ministry, he teaches Christians about the vital importance of what he calls the Seven Pillars of Health : drinking water, getting sufficient sleep and rest, eating living food, getting exercise, getting rid of toxins in your body, supplementing your food choices, and dealing with stress.

After implementing some of the biblically sound truths that I learned from his teachings on Christian nutrition, I can personally say that battling in both realms makes a HUGE difference!

Sowing and Reaping Seeds of Health

Now, I know that there are Christians out there who are going to disagree with me.  They will say, that we all have divine health.  That, no matter how we treat our temples, God will still keep us healthy.

So, I'd like to take a step back from the topic of Christian nutrition for a second, and look at this from a different perspective.

Meet Sarah...

Sarah loves the Lord.  She goes to church every Sunday, and even to the special Tuesday service.  She serves in the children's ministry.  And she's a great wife and mother.

But, Sarah just happens to be a heavy smoker. In fact, she has been smoking multiple packs of cigarettes every day for the last 10 years.

Now, just because Sarah is a child of God, does that mean she is exempt from emphysema? Does God's divine health supersede all of the abuse she has done to her body?

Let's look to God's Word for our answer.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: 
for whatsoever a man soweth, 
that shall he also reap.

For he that
soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption
but he that soweth to the Spirit 

shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
-Galatians 6:7-8

The New Living Translation translates it even more clearly.  People who sow to the desires of their bodies will "harvest decay and death." (Galatians 6:8 NLT).


Well, you may be surprised to know that the things that your flesh craves are usually the things that will kill it.

Now, in Sarah's case, her flesh craves smoking.  When she smokes, is she sowing to her flesh, or to her spirit?

How about someone who craves sweets or salty food.  When they eat things that are detrimental to their health because they enjoy the way that they taste, are they sowing to their flesh, or to their spirit?

Of course, they are sowing to their flesh.

When we allow our minds to be controlled by our flesh instead of our spirit, and the wisdom of God,  whether it is in the case of food or illicit sex, it can only lead us to sickness and pain.

Christian Nutrition Bible Study
Reflection Questions:

  1. When you look at Dr. Colbert's Seven Pillars of Health , what areas do you think you need to improve in?

  2. Have you ever thought of the principle of sowing and reaping in relation to the things you sow into your body?  If not, how does this change your perspective on food?

  3. Being that you are a three part being (spirit, soul, body) what are things you can do to fight for your health in all three areas?

Having a Christian perspective on nutrition can prepare your body for God's restoring  hands of healing.  In Lesson 2 of your Christian nutrition Bible study, we will look at how going back to the Bible for God's ideas about nutrition can create an atmosphere for healing in your body.

Fighting In Both Realms: Christian Nutrition Bible Study
Lesson 1: Is Christian Nutrition the Missing Piece to Your Healing Puzzle?
Lesson 2: Bible Nutrition: Creating an Atmosphere for healing
Lesson 3: Choosing Bible Foods Can Save Your Life

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