Making Family Time Bible Studies 
A Memorable Tradition

Lesson 3 of Your Free Teaching the Bible at Home Course

Family time Bible Studies - Mother reading Bible to son
Your Family Time Bible Studies should be the event that everyone looks forward to.

Keeping them fresh and fun will ensure that your kids learn to enjoy time with the Lord.

The way your children respond to your special Family Time will merely me a reflection of how you approach it!

But, if they grow to think that studying the Word of God is boring, or merely a religious obligation, that may become the way that they approach their own spiritual walk.

So, be creative. Find fun ways to spice up your Bible time together. Ask your kids what they would like to do.

This time does not have to be structured like a class or in a stuffy setting. Your imagination is the limit!

Here are a few ideas to get you going. They won’t all fit your family’s needs, but you may see one or two that are just right! 

Optional: All current pop music has a Christian counterpart. To get your kids excited about Christian popular music and away from negative secular music, try this:
When it is their turn to pick a praise and worship song, let them download a Christian MP3 in the genre that they choose.  You can download Christian Hard Rock, or even Christian Rap and Hip Hop songs that glorifies God for under $1!

Now that you have completed your free mini-course on holding your own Family Time Bible Studies, I hope that you feel ready to start having Bible time with your own family.

If you are ready to get a jump start on using what you've learned here about teaching the Bible to your own family, the Family Walk Devotional is a great place to start.  It deals with topics that are important to today's youth, and helps them apply God's Word to their lives.

I pray that this mini-course on how to teach the Bible to your kids will help you make Family Time Bible Study a tradition in your family that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Free Christian Parenting Course: Teaching the Bible At Home
Lesson 1: Raising Christian Children in the 21st Century
Lesson 2: 5 Tips for Fruitful Family Bible Studies
Lesson 3: Making Family Time Bible Studies a Memorable Tradition

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