Raising Christian Children
In the 21st Century

Lesson 1 of Free Teaching the Bible at Home Course

I will teach all your children, and they will enjoy great peace.
~ Isaiah 54:13 (NLT)

raising Christian children- praying child Raising Christian children in today's society is not easy. Whether we would like to admit it or not, Satan is attacking the very fabric of our families and values.

From evolution and humanism being taught in schools to promiscuity and disrespect for authority being pushed in the media. Every day of their lives, your children are bombarded with lies dressed up like the truth.

And Yet the Word of God promises us:

Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.

-Proverbs 22:6

But, we see many young people today who were raised Christian, but show no fruit or evidence of it in their lives. Why?

And how do we safeguard our own kids from falling prey to the lies of the enemy?

Why Are Christian Children Straying?

Christian children are straying because of one harsh fact. Simply taking our children to church on Sunday, and dropping them off at youth group, no longer fully prepares them to deal with the tests of their time.

The Hebrew Word khaw-nak’ translated in this scripture promise as "train" does not just mean to discipline your children. It means to dedicate them to the Lord for His use.

raising Christian children - child praying
Training and dedicating the next generation of God’s children for Him is one of the most important tasks any of us will ever do.

It is an ongoing proactive event where you pour the truth of God into your children and prepare them for their own destinies in Christ.

God's promise of your children not departing from His way is still in effect today. It is time for you to claim it by faith for your own family.

But, we know that faith without works is dead (Jas 2:26)!

Do you want your children to bare good fruit for the Lord in their lives? Then take the time to hand pick the seeds you want to be sown into them today.

Designating a regularly scheduled time to personally pour the wisdom and promises of God into your children will impact your family for generations to come.

Your Family Bible Study time is not just the chance to beat your kids over the head with the Ten Commandments and the dangers of fornication.

It is where you minister to them about the love and promises of God. Where you introduce them to their Lord and Savior as their best friend and confidant. And where you model what a healthy relationship with their Heavenly Father looks like.

Don't feel qualified? No problem. When we have a heart to do what God requires of us as parents, He will always provide a way for us to do it!  I believe that is why there are so many resources out there specifically designed to help Christian parents like us to sow God's Word into our children.  To give each of us the tools that we need to be the parent that God has called us to be in these trying times. 

One of my favorites resources for younger children (up to 7 years old) is the Read and Share DVD Bible.  It's packed with cartoons that share Bible stories in fun and engaging ways.  It really is designed to open up the door for you and your family to begin talking about God's Word together.  

For older children, Awesome Bible Adventures is a great video series. I like the way that it starts off by having children present the Bible stories first, before going back in time.  But, unlike other videos, it does not stop there. It actually explains how your kids can incorporate the Bible truths that they are learning into their daily lives - a vital step in making God's Word real to your children and showing them how to be doers of the Word.

I truly urge you to put a priority on being a good example for your children. Show them the importance that you put on God's Word and on their lives by teaching the Bible at home.

Don’t let Sunday morning be the only time your kids are exposed to the Word of God. Explore the resources that I've listed here.

Put a priority on raising Christian children.

Raising Christian Children:
Parenting Bible Study

Reflection Questions

1. Do you think that raising Christian children is more difficult in today's society? Why or why not?

2. How often do you sit down as a family and talk about the Lord? How about reading the Word of God together? Why?

3. What are ways that you could take more time to train and dedicate your children for the Lord?

I hope that the truths you read here helped to put the importance of sowing the Word into your children in perspective. Spending just one day each month in the Word as a family can make a huge difference. In Lesson 2 of your Teaching the Bible at Home free mini-course, you will learn 5 tips for making your family's Bible time bare good fruit for years to come.

Free Christian Parenting Course: Teaching the Bible At Home
Lesson 1: Raising Christian Children in the 21st Century
Lesson 2: 5 Tips for Fruitful Family Bible Studies
Lesson 3: Making Family Time Bible Studies a Memorable Tradition

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